Friday, October 12, 2007

Roosters Galore...

Hmmm let's see do I have a rooster fetish? I didn't think so until I started skimming through my photo files and realized that gosh...there are a lot of roosters in my home...ha! I'm not sure when this all began, well maybe - - years ago I attended a festival in a local town and as we were walking thru one of the downtown streets - well my sister and I spotted a quaint little shop. Our husband's sighed.....oh no.....yep they knew trouble was on the horizon - ha! Get those checkbooks out guys! Oooo we were so excited, the shop was filled with lots of treasures made of toile, and crackle finishes, what a feast for our eyes! And the owner was wearing toile black and white pants....I'll never forget that little shop. That was where the romance began. I walked out that day with two beautiful rooster prints that hold a special place in my dining room....and ever since then...well you know where this is headed. My sister loves them too, so between the two of us, there is quite a collection. Aren't they just adorable?!


  1. Rosa, your blog looks fantastic! I love what you've done and it has been so fun to read - you are doing a great job! Thank you for sharing with me - ((hugs))


  2. You have a wonderful blog. I love your rooster collection & the crow lampshade in one of your previous posts :-}

  3. I love seeing all the roosters! I have the same rooster chandy, that you have, hanging in my kitchen. I hope you were lucky enough to get yours the day JCP made an error on their website and had it listed for $79.00 instead of $279.00?!! I had looked at it almost daily for two months dreaming of it and hoping for a sale. It had to be an error because the next day it was back to the regular price. I was so thrilled (though a little guilty feeling the next day).

  4. I LOVE these! You and I have the same chandelier!! My brother just put ours up and I have little red shades...I LOVE it! Gotta adore roosters don't we? : )