Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Well my sweetest first born turned 10 on Saturday, and it was one of his "best birthday parties ever" he says. I tried to upload some tunes with this post - my favorite song that I used to sing to my boys when they were babies....and now we sing it together, now and know the song by Carly Simon "You are the love of my life" - ha! Yep, I'll sing that to my boys and they chime in....goofy huh? Anyway, some friends from school came over and they played baseball and football in the front yard. Since the weather was hot in the 80's they decided they'd like to take a swim - all of them. Now....keep in mind this was not on the agenda and so nobody had towels or trunks. So we quickly scrounged for trunks, and luckily I keep a laundry basket full of beach towels (just in case) - so we managed to find enough trunks for all of the boys and they all jumped in. Burr, the water was a mere 75 degrees - OUCH....but they didn't care they had a wonderful time splashing around for a little while. Then we were off to our final FALL BALL game, both of my boys did awesome if I say so myself. I think FALL BALL really helped them improve upon their skills, so I'm very glad we signed up! And it's only a matter a time for their basketball coach to call about practice. It never ends....and although it seems like a lot of work, I'm not complaining, it's good for them....and keeps me active too!

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