Monday, October 15, 2007

I'll Miss You...

Today was my trip to St. Louis for a business conference. I've been dreading this day from the moment I got the e-mail about it and knew I had to attend. Sounds silly doesn't it? My crazy life of working full-time and being a wife and mom - you would think I'd be dying to travel. Yet the thought of leaving my boys for a few days made my heart ache. This morning I got them off to school, and though I thought I'd be strong...I broke down as I saw them both run toward the school bus. I know they'll be fine, my husband is on vacation this week, so they'd be well taken care of, and a little bonding for them can't hurt...but it's still hard. So, I'm here in my hotel room, and a pretty nice room it is...I'm staying at the Hilton St. Louis Ball Park, with a great view to the field of none other than the St. Louis Cardinals - ugh my boys would love it here....ok so I'll make the best of it, and capture lots of pictures to share with them when I get home. Here's a couple of snapshots from my trip today that I shot from my hotel window. It's cloudy today here in St. Louis and it's rainy too, so I suppose I'll fix myself a cup of tea, put on my jammies, and enjoy the peace and quiet...while I can.

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