Monday, June 30, 2008


Sorry all! We are back from vacation but internet is on the blink at home. Working on it! We purchased a new router, but it's still not working UGH! Sorry, stay tuned, I'll update as soon as I am able. Hope everyone is doing well!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Are You Ready for us Yankees?

I'll be away for a little while. Since this is the last year for the Yankee's to play in the stadium before they move into the new one, we wanted to take our boys to experience a visit to an actual game at the historic stadium in New York City. We are headed to NYC on Sunday. We are driving there, hubby, me, and our two boys. I love road trips, so I've been looking so forward to packing up the SUV and the cooler, and heading out with blankets and pillows in tow. I have the most wonderful memories of our road trips when I was growing up. We often sit around at family gatherings and reminisce about the great sandwiches mom would make in the front seat with white Wonder bread and Hellman's mayo, with ham and avocado slices. Yum, sweet memories I will cherish forever. I want my boys to have special memories like mine too. So, yes I'm packing up a cooler too! I wish you all a wonderful week. I'll take a lot of photos to share with you when I return. New York City is one of our favorites cities!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Garage Sale Treasures....

Well we had our subdivision garage sale on Saturday, like we have every year that we've lived in the neighborhood, and usually it's a great success but since we've moved to this house we're on a street that is tucked in the middle of the neighborhood, and not very busy. So....I didn't do well at all! But, I did take a little while to go do some shopping of my own, and I wanted to share the treasures that I found. A lady around the corner was selling some needlepoint pieces that her aunt had made many years ago, and she had so many of them it was time for her to get rid of some of them. I loved them the minute I picked them up, and I could tell it was hard for her to sell them. But I assured her that they would be displayed proudly in my home no worries. First, I picked up the one with the single flower, then I went back and picked up three more. I hung the thin banners in my kitchen on each of the doors. They are beautifully lined, and the hardware is brass. The thin banners even have a tiny bell at the bottom, sooooo beautiful! They were made in 1977 and 1978 and her intials were BG.

I also found these two traditional double candlestick lamps - yes both for $15 - and don't they just look great on the sides of the fireplace?! Though my own garage sale was not a success, I certainly am happy I took the time to walk around and find these treasures. I'm also sharing a snapshot of the set of plates I found at TJ Maxx, they are four and all different. Oh how I love plates!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Special Day for My Babe...

So let me tell you about tonight. My boys who are on the same little league team had a night game today. It was scheduled for 8pm. But it was an extra special night because my younger boy's teacher came out to watch the game with her hubby tonight. Oh when she got to the stands I greeted her with the biggest smile, because I know what a wonderful memory this will be for my little guy. What a special gesture for a school teacher to come out and watch her students. I can't tell you how much my son was anticipating her being in the stands to cheer him on. And well I was so happy for him, and I told her how much it meant to all of us for her to come. Of course I was quite loud when she arrived, and so one of the kids went running to the dugout screaming "A's teacher is here....A's teacher is here!" So it was a big deal. How sweet huh? So, of course being a good blogger that I am, I was snapping pictures left and right...someone thought it was lightening out...haaaa! Then it did begin to lightening out, so they called the game. So, A's teacher told me she'll come to his make-up game to watch him play. So, my baby had a wonderful evening tonight, and I'm grateful for teachers like his. And tomorrow is their last day of school - they are excited and sad at the same time...and now I know why.

Mr. A's teacher and hubby watching the game

Mr. A and his teacher - oh and that's my mom in the background