Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Miss Her...

A picture of mom on her birthday this year in February - we were out at breakfast.

I miss her....though she is here and alive...I miss her....MOM that is. Why is it so hard to see our parents age? I spent time with mom today - she came over so that I could fill her medicine case for the week. I know every pill by name...and I'll bet I can identify them with my eyes closed. She's doing well - - well as well as could be expected for someone who is 73 and in renal failure and on dialysis. She is frail...and growing older each time I see her. She looks tired...and she says "I'm tired" -- tired of getting up three days a week to get all dolled up to go and lay in a sterile bed with the smell of blood in the air, and strapped to a machine for 3 hours without being able to get up. I don't blame her...I feel her aches just by the sound of her voice when I call to check on her after each and every treatment....because I can't enjoy my day until I have heard her voice and know she is home and see my mom is no ordinary she is not! This is a woman with a excitable personality and flair for fashion like no other. She styled some of the most beautiful clothes and high heels that the first lady herself would envy. But her illness has taken its toll...and her dress shoes are now slip on leather Clarke's...because she may lose her balance. And her fistula that sticks out of her chest is no match for silk. So you see, I'm sad....I miss the woman she used to be, her loud laugh, and contagious spirit. Yet still, through it all, she has the spunk to demand her manicures and pedicures...because without them she feels naked. I cried all the way home today when I dropped her off at home, she's no longer the strong, vivacious, full of life woman I once knew just a couple of years ago....and the simple stroll to her front door, is now a slow feat as she grasps my arm so she stays balanced....and she is now quiet and reserved...and I wish I could take her and lock her in a room in my house so that time can't find her...and I just want to scream "WHEEEEEEERE IS MY MOM DAMN IT!??????"

Summer's Over.....

Could it be that summer unofficially ends after labor day? Ugh....though I love the fall season, I'm also sad to see the end of summer come to a near end. I was just hanging out in my kitchen, and snapped this picture of my boys and their friends enjoying the pool. Sad to think those days are almost over.....and having to cover the pool job is just around the corner - ugh! Guess it's time to start digging out all of the fall decor items. The only good thing about the start of September is that I got to turn my calendar page to a fresh picture and clean slate....ha! I enjoy the weirdest things don't I?!

Well, I hope everyone has a safe Labor Day Weekend! I'm off to throw some burgers on the grill!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

False Alarm...

Goodness I feel like a complete toad. Yep, wondering why I'm posting at 5am? Because my hubby is working the night shift and I could have sworn I heard the basement door close at around 4:23am. We have a two story house, and my boys and I were sound asleep when I heard the basement door close. I got up and called out for my hubby and no answer. I got scared and I called the police. Ugh, they checked the entire house and probably think I'm a nutcase now.....boy I feel stupid. Yes I had our town's finest come and see me in my pink pj's with red hearts all over.....goodness.......has anyone ever done this before? Please tell me you have!

Phew.....I think I'll go back to bed now, I'm getting really sleepy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today was the first day of school - yeah! Back to some order and routine for my boys. We had a wonderful summer, but they were sooooo excited to start school today, that they could hardly fall asleep last night. After dinner we packed the backpacks, then we went upstairs and picked out what they would wear this morning. I'm glad to see that they are finally taking some pride in their appearance ha! We had the clothes ready at the foot of their bed with shoes, socks, undies, belt and all. They got up early, dressed, ate, and put on cologne - can you believe they want to wear cologne already? I took the day off to be home as they only have 1/2 day of school today.

THEN....we all went outside and got them all posed and ready for pictures and my camera batteries were DEAD! UGH, I was so upset. I ran to the neighbors who let me borrow her camera so I wasn't able to get a snapshot of my younger boy with my camera. I managed to find some new batteries, and so I took pictures of my older son with his best friend who lives across the street, and who takes the later bus as he has moved on to middle school. I told our bus driver Donna to keep them in line on the bus, and she gave me the "thumbs up". She's been our bus driver since our boys started school, so it's comforting to know they are safe with her.

OK to change the subject - does anybody know what kind of tree I have in my front yard? Is this a crab apple tree? It gives of beautiful pink flowers in the spring, and look at all of the red berries that are on it right now.

Mr. M in the green chatting with his best friend and our neighbor whose family is from Jordan. This is an especially happy day for Mr. M - as his best friend attended a Muslim school all last year, and has come back to join my son this year, so they are so happy to be back together!

Mr. M wrapping a roll of gum - he's so proud he's allowed to chew gum in class now because they are mature and know that they are to throw it in the trash when done - umm RIGHT...

Bye sweetie, have a good first day!

And this is the tree - is this a crab apple tree? It's sooooo pretty!

Alright, I better take advantage of this free time alone at home. I'll have my cup of coffee and watch Oprah. Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Ahhhh I had one of those know the ones when you wake up refreshed and all is right with the world. Let me tell ya, I don't have those very often. The sun was shining, I had the windows down, wind blowing in my hair, and the radio blasting with this song, yep I was singing at the top of my lungs, didn't care who heard me or saw me, uh huh sure was. Have you ever really heard the lyrics to this song? Wouldn't it be amazing if this really happened to me???? Ok, so I'm a bit of a sucker for romance, and now I can't get this song off my mind. Haaaa....Enjoy!

CLICK ON THE ARROW TO LISTEN, but you have to listen til the end.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

OPERATION Tropic Brown...

First of all, thank you all for leaving your kind messages for my sister-in-law. They are doing as well as could be expected. They have had several contractors come out and they are all in consensus that their home is not stable, and will probably need to be rebuilt. So, that means they will not be able to live at their home for MONTHS. Pray that all will go smoothly for them.
And following up on my previous post about cancer causing countertops.....
I'll begin the radon testing on my granite countertops today. The name of my granite is Tropic Brown, and it's from Saudi Arabia. I received the radon testing kits in the mail, so my testing begins TODAY. You have to leave the envelope at breathing level for 2 full days, making sure that you seal the envelope no earlier than 2 complete days, then you mail the envelope with this hard sponge in it to the testing lab, and wait for results. I am also testing the basement where my boys spend a lot of time playing. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that this goes well. I'm almost scared to think about it.
Have a Good Week All!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tragic Storm Damage...updated

A picture from the front page of today's newspaper.
That's my dear SIL in the peach
(and she is a PEACH)

Last night at around 9pm my niece called me on the phone, I could barely understand what she was SIL's house was struck by a tornado. My nephew was still in the house in the basement, so it was a very nerve wracking evening. The storms came in so fast, we hardly had time to prepare, but thankfully everyone is safe and sound. My nephew got out with just a few cuts and bruises, but safe. My SIL and their family lost their house in the storm, and it will be a long journey until they can be back to "normal" - so I ask that you keep them in your prayers as they recover from the storm. And thank you Lord that everyone is safe this morning.
UPDATED - 8/5/08 - 10:41pm

I went over to see the house today to get a first-hand look at the storm damage. It is so much worse than I expected. The entire subdivision looks like a war zone. People are busy working, cleaning up debris and sawing pieces of tree down to manageable sizes. It is a very sad sight, I was pretty stunned walking down the street toward SIL's house, but when they actually took me to see the inside, I got emotional. I kept thinking how lucky they are that everyone is safe, and couldn't help but wonder if the man upstairs knew exactly where they should be. They were at church helping out for their summer festival when the storm hit. Coincidence? Hmmmm....

My SIL is really heart broken, and I can understand, it was hard to see her home destroyed, so many memories, it's hard not to let it get to you....and if you knew my SIL you know that she was spared for a reason - she is truly an angel....and my niece is a doll.

We will continue to keep them in our prayers as they try to return to somewhat of a normal life.

Notice the large trees behind the house are now just a few branches bare and broken...

This is a view of their backyard standing on the deck. I was sad to see that the huge tree that was the one they used to hang the pinata during family gatherings, and all of the kids would gather in anticipation to see how much candy they could fill in their saks, was pulled out roots and all.....

I took a picture of her living room, the wall was already boarded up when I got to see the it but that wall was wide open - the tornado tore that entire wall out. We couldn't actually stand in the room because the ceiling is cracked and looked like it could cave in at any moment.

Look how the tornado ripped this huge tree
right out of the ground.... root, curb, and all!

This is part of the front of the house boarded up - I'm told there were huge pieces of wood boards that went right through those windows and into the bedrooms.

Keep them in your prayers....