Friday, February 29, 2008

7 Weird/Random Things About Me...

So, it seems I've been tagged by Adrienne from "With a Grateful Heart" to share seven weird or random things about myself. First I have to post the rules. Then I tell you about me - what you may (or may not) want to know. And please stop in to see Adrienne, you will really enjoy her blog. She is a very sweet gal, and a wonderful daughter to her mom!

The rules are:

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Here we go:

I eat sunflower seeds including the shell - and I'm probably full of splinters, yikes.

I can eat a cheeseburger everyday if I knew it wouldn't eventually kill me.

I can "feel" when somebody doesn't like me, though I'll never let them know.

I redecorate people's houses in my mind, and want to move things around - ugly habit I'm well aware.

I like cherry cordials...but never eat the cherry - I know...not a pretty picture.

I drink Folgers Instant Coffee, prefer it over any other coffee - grew up watching dad drink it...

And last but not least....I can't swim to save my life! (or anybody else's for that matter)

Phew...that wasn't so bad.

And I'm going to cheat I'll skip tagging anybody because I think most have been tagged with this before. Have a nice weekend all!

Monday, February 25, 2008

What have we come to....

Sorry to make you all cry with my previous post...on a lighter note ug hem...excuse the crass nature here...

Hubby called me from his cell phone and proceeded with are you having a good day he asks? No...I said, why? Well then...I guess maybe I shouldn't say anything. Ok, now of course you have to tell me now, I won't be able to do another darn thing until I know what this caution is all about. So....after a short pause he says, "Mr. Thomas called me." - Mr. Thomas is the principal at the elementary school where my boys attend. What? Are the boys hurt? Is something wrong? Tell me hurry....tell me! I guess it's no secret that I am quite the paranoid mother. he has our son in his office as we speak, he says. WHAT, WHY? Tell me I demanded! Well, he and a girl were drawing pictures and it seems that the girl drew a picture of our son with a red dot where his privates would be. My son asked her why she drew a red dot on his WIENER. son got sent to the Principal's office because he used the word "WIENER." Phew....sorry but I immediately was upset with my son, for only a moment. Then my "smart ass" side came out and thought, so what WORD would they like him to use? Certainly NOT Penis! He is 10 for the love of God - 10! Would the word pecker be better suited? How about goods, tools, thingy, the jewels! What in heavens name is wrong with people nowadays. Maybe I'm mistaken, but did this warrant a trip to the Principal's office? To Oz himself? Couldn't a simple no no don't say those words be suffice?!

Soooo.....the principal allows my husband to speak with him, and my son becomes emotional on the phone with hubby, he's scared. My husband reassures him that he would not be in trouble, and that they would "talk" when he got home. I was home early, and so the minute he came through the door from the school bus, he burst into tears....I'm so sorry mom...but what do I call it mom? I told him, don't call it anything, just don't talk about it! Then I realized how I was not teaching him anything. And I said, "just call it "privates" that's all. I'm sorry, think of me what you wish, BUT I am not ready for my son to use the correct medical terminology, he is only 10 for cryin out loud!!!!!

UPDATE: Aaahhh some of you asked what happened to the girl. My husband told the principal that he certainly hoped the girl would also be talked to about the incident, and so my son tells me that they both lost recess the following day, and they had to go back to the principal's office and apologize to each other. This reminds me of when my other son was in kindergarten and got sent to the Pricipal's office for telling a girl who sat across from him that her coloring was sloppy. And the little girl's mother called the school to complain about my son. Are you kidding me???? My son's response was "well it was sloppy mom" - ugh, just keep your comments to yourself if they are not nice ones I told him. But how does a 6 year old truly understand this?! I had a conversation with the principal and teacher, that I did not appreciate my son being sent to the Principal's office for such trivial incidents, that I was afriad that he would lose the "impact" of what it means to be sent to the Principal's office, and that I don't want it to become "matter of fact" - going to the Principal's office is serious business....and sending them so often for ridiculous things would take away it's gravity! Scary isn't it? Focus people much valuable class time, learning time, is lost with this NONSENSE!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mom's Birthday!

Today is a very special day indeed! Mom celebrates her 73rd birthday! It is even more special today....because we almost lost mom two years has it been that long? Mom was in the hospital for high blood pressure and due to be released that very day, I was there sitting next to her bed talking and laughing when suddenly the nurse comes in and is checking her urine bag. Her face looks puzzled, and so she goes to check her chart....I could hear her have a conversation with the other nurse, who then comes in with her to check the urine bag. They both left quietly....and well we didn't think anything of it. Suddenly within minutes...and I mean minutes....I could hear them frantic making phone calls...paging her doctor....and before I realized what had happened, my mom's bed was surrounded with medical people in white coats...what is wrong I began to scream....crying and demanding mom is just fine, she's talking and laughing and leaving today, what is wrong somebody tell me damn it!!!!!

They grabbed me and took me to the empty room next to hers and asked me to stay out of her room, I could hear my mom crying and moaning....then the nurse came to talk to me and bring me a box of Kleenex. She then tells me that mom's kidneys have failed...that she hadn't had urine for hours and that they needed to take immediate action. It seemed like hours before I could go back in her room...and meanwhile I went in the hallway to contact my siblings, and the rest of the family. The nurse came out to get me, telling me that I could go back in to see my mom. I swear it was like someone knocked the air out of me...and my knees would fold if I let them. Mom was no longer awake, they had drugged her up, and she was on a respirator, I could see her chest going up and down when the machine pumped her with air...and she was bloated up like a balloon, her hands were so puffy and full of needles and plastic lines. This didn't make any sense she was just could this be? It was more than I could bare....and I thought this would be the end of me, I don't handle stress well especially when it comes to medical issues. I whispered to mom that I loved her and that she would be ok, and I kissed her face, anywhere I could find her beautiful skin as they had so many tubes on her. I left my mom's room, my heart was bleeding and in pain, I left the unit, and immediately headed to the little room that I had noticed earlier...a tiny chapel that was located down the hallway. I went in there, shut the door, and I pleaded with God to let her live, I was selfish, and I was angry! I told him I needed her here for me, that I was not strong enough to lose her, not yet. Don't you take my mother damn it, don't you take her!!!! It was hours before I went in to see her again, I don't know what it was, but I just couldn't go back in there, I was soooo siblings arrived one by one, and I let out a loud cry with each of them, I frankly didn't care who saw me or heard me, I was in pain..... Nobody could console me, nobody. Later in the evening her doctor came in to speak with us...we were all sitting in the small chapel...all of us, crowded like sardines, taking up the couple of chairs and sitting on the floor...maybe we felt comfort in there, under the cross of Christ that hung on the wall...I know I did. Maybe that's why we gathered there. I can still see that room if I close my eyes......When the doctor was finished with his report.....I asked him, barely able to speak from crying...."Doctor is my mom going to die?" His response was "I sure hope not I just spent 2 hours working on her" - we all laughed for a moment, and that response gave me just what I needed "Hope" - I mean if you saw mom, there is no way you would think she'd be alive today. And the odds were against her, the survival rate for kidney failure is 40%.

Mom's journey has been long, she remained in the hospital for nearly four months...she had good days and she had a lot of bad days. Mom was then transferred to a rehab unit at the hospital...she was down to 83 pounds at her's heart wrenching to see your parent this way....heart wrenching.....a couple of times I had a secret conversation with God and I told him that if he really needed her in heaven that I would be ok with it. You never think you'll feel this way, until you see someone you love suffer. Then it's no longer about your needs, but theirs. Oh but mom has come such a long way. Her journey has been long and hard, filled with a lot of disappointments. She now goes to dialysis three times per week...and when I really stop to think about it I break's not fair. But mom is strong, and she is alive, and she is laughing, and she can hug me, and correct me, and upset me sometimes, but ooooooo thank you God for keeping her here just a little longer. I cherish the time with mom, and though I sometimes don't feel like taking her grocery shopping, or to get her nails done because my life is so busy, well I quickly remind myself of those feelings I had at the hospital...and let me tell you, it's a blessing to be able to do anything for her. She is a blessing, she is mom and she is alive! Happy Birthday to my beautiful mother! I love you mom!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Prayers Answered - Aaron's Homebound...

If you visit often, you'll know that I requested prayers for our fellow blogger Sue from Life At Home, her son was very ill, and they needed prayer. Earlier today Sue left a comment on my blog with the wonderful news that Aaron will be getting out of the hospital on Friday, and headed home with his family. I quickly ran over to her blog to read her post and literally choked up with relief...and well....JOY. I don't know Sue personally, but as you all know - there are some wonderful friendships to be made in blogland, and I am grateful for each of you who take time out of your busy lives to sit for a moment with me and share your day. Thank you. I am certain that I speak for Sue in that sentiment as well. So, I think this calls for some bubbly, and a thank you to God for prayers answered. So, please raise your flute....Here's to you Aaron!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Decor Finds....

Happy Sunday all! So, I've been quite the busy beaver this weekend. Hubby took me out for a nice steak dinner after work on Valentine's, and as we were driving home we noticed signs in the window of Walter E. Smithe announcing their annual "floor sample" sale. If you don't have this furniture store in your area, it's considered a fine furniture store where you can custom order your furniture, and they have some beautiful pieces. We aren't in the market for new furniture, but I like to stop in once in a while for a refill on inspiration.

The sale items had green tags I gravitated to anything "green" :)...immediately I spotted some bird prints...and you know how I've been wanting some bird prints don't you? So, hubby and I see green and walk over to check the price. Gulp....each of these prints were marked at $249.50 - yikes....ok step away now.....but then I noticed the one at the very top of this set of 3 was marked at $24.50. Hubby tells me it's a mistake, whoever made up the tag must have forgotten to add the 9...hmmmmmmm.......I call the designer who offered her help over to the prints, and politely asked "is this a misprint" - she narrows in on the price and responds that this print must have been on the floor longer than the others and that's why it's priced this low.....huh? It was identical to the other two how could that be I'm thinking....but I didn't say anything. I told her that I would take it! I continue on my hunt....with my eye on plates, checking every nook and cranny...and lurking in every buffet and glass cabinet where I could spy plates......

I found some lovely bird plates....they look like a bird nest. These were marked $25.00 each plate...I got them each for $5. Then I found these lovely white plates that were each $20....I got them for $3. The red plate with the birds.....was from $68...I got it for $6. And sooooo I was one happy girl! By the time I was done, I walked out of there with 9 plates and my bird print....all at a bargain. Don't you just love a great bargain?

So, hubby and I are ready to check out...winded...but so proud of ourselves :)...when I spotted a rug for under our kitchen table. You have to realize that I've been looking for the "right" area rug....ooooo let's say pretty much for about a full year now....and when I spotted this one....well I had to have it. The colors were just perfect with my kitchen. I wish you could see this rug in's really a beauty. had a green tag too. Original price was $900 - I got it for 70% off....

A few photos of my bargain bonanza. I hope this means I'm going to have a great week!

a closeup...I really want to show you the color and detail

my plates and bird print
remember the red plates I got at Marshalls....I found cream ones too!

closeup of the bird print....the frame & matting are gorgeous

one of the white plates in oval
here is where I decided to hang the nest plates
next to the photo of my own babes...

This is the red plate I got for $6

the red plates from Marshall's with a cream one in between sis found me this platter at TJMaxx for $3...


I knew I needed something on each side of the prints....plates!
Phew....I think I'm done plate shopping for a while, glad I could share all of my bargains with you. I wish you all a peaceful Sunday.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing you all a heartfelt day
with your special someone!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Motherhood and Prayers Needed...

Friends, if you recall I had posted a request for your help in praying for Sue's son Aaron from Life At Home blog. I found her through browsing, and knew immediately I had to reach out to her in her time of need. I have two sons of my own, and so her anguish touched my heart. Aaron has had a set back. Infection has set in, and the doctor's have not been able to locate it. Please stop by her blog and offer her your prayers and support. Even if you don't have time to visit Sue, please say a prayer for Aaron that God continues to heal his body, and give him strength. He's been in the hospital for quite some time now. I truly appreciate you taking the time to do this....I know the wonderful friends that I've found in each of you through this wonderful land of blog. And so the power or prayer is greatly needed. THANK YOU!

Also, look over to the right...I'm so pleased to have received this award from Catherine at Catherine Holman Folkart - if you have not visited her blog, it is a must. Here paintings are absolutely adorable...and they always cheer me up, even on my most stressful days. I am going to have her paint a picture of my home...and I'll be sure to share that with all of you when I order it. Thank you Catherine for always bringing a little sunshine to my day! You are an amazing artist!

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Mona Lisa...

So, I've had my eye on this print for quite a while now. I LOVE everything about it. It reminds me of Paris. I thought about buying it and putting it in my main bathroom. I've got the french fleur thing going on in there, and it would be a lovely addition.And so, it got me to thinking and brought back the most wonderful memories. A few years ago we had the pleasure of going to visit my old boss and his lovely wife. They lived in London at the time, and we were invited to stay with them in their BEAUTIFUL home. I worked with him many years ago, and through the years we never lost touch. They are the most wonderful people you could ever meet. And I am humbled to call them our friends. When we arrived at their stately home behind black iron gates that opened at the click of a button on a private road....well it was like a Mercedes Benz commercial. And I'm not kidding....because he picked us up at the airport in his Mercedes. His lovely wife was waiting at the front door of this magnificant three story stone house. The lawn was perfectly manicured and adorned with beautiful flowers. And well....I felt at this point like I needed a shower and some pantyhose and heels. But one look at her lovely face, and it felt like home - instant warmth. The entire house was dressed in cream from walls to carpeting to the porcelin floors throughout....there was a double staircase that wrapped all the way up to the third floor. 7 bedrooms and six baths I believe...for the two of them. The foyer was simply stunning. The entire back of the house was covered with french doors that exited out to the private back yard. The kitchen had state of the art appliances, and an expresso maker built into the wall. In the 7 days that we visited, they took us everywhere you could imagine, and they treated us like family. We are eternally grateful for their gracious hospitality, and for the experience of a lifetime not only for hubby and me, but for my boys....they still talk about the staircase of all things - ha!

Our boys were a few years younger then, I think my youngest was 5 at the time....well she offered to keep the boys so hubby and I could spend the day in Paris. OH MY WORD....I was quite hesitant at first....not that I didn't trust her....she's like the perfect mom. I just didn't want to impose on them anymore....sheesh....but she insisted, and off to Paris we went. We took the Eurostar, it connects London and Paris via a tunnel under the English Channel. What an AMAZING day!

Hubby and I spent the most perfect spring day in Paris, we visited the Louvre Museum....and first on the list was the Mona Lisa....I didn't care to see anything else but her and of course the rest of the amazing pieces by Leonardo da Vinci...a surreal experience let me tell ya! And my favorite of all was to be able to see the Eiffel Tower....stand under it....touch it...smell the air around it...We hopped on one of those red double decker tour buses and went off to see the amazing city...and I dream that we will one day be able to go back to this magical place on earth....

And another one of our most memorable moments...we happened to be at Windsor Castle on Easter morning...and the church bells began to ring from the rooftop of St. George's's the chapel at the we decided we had to attend the church service....OH MY GOD!!!! (sorry, don't like to use the Lord's name in vein, but it is "appropriate" at this moment...forgive me). If you are in London on Easter it is a MUST. After the service hubby and I went up to speak with the "priest" but goodness...he's much higher ranking...his title escapes me....and so he blessed our family, making sure to touch each of us with his blessed hands and he said a prayer with us. Then when we were watching Prince Charles and Camilla's was in that very chapel where we attended the service...and GUESS who married them??? I was speechless when I saw his face on tv. Oh we are sooooo blessed!!!! Did a little internet searching and I found him, he's the Dean of Windsor...and I also found a picture of the inside of the chapel to share with you. AMAZING isn't it?

Ok.....wake up Rose....back to the print. As I was saying....I'm thinking it would be pretty in the main bathroom. And so...I'll share a few snapshots of our trip to London and Paris too. Phew....sorry for the long-winded post....I got lost in the moment....

Here is a snapshot of the Eurostar we took to get to Paris,
of course we had to snack on croissants during our 3
hour trip. And I had a cup of french roast coffee...something to
be said about drinking a cup of french roast in FRANCE,
somebody pinch me please!

Here is the entrance to the Louvre Museum

The beautiful winding streets of London...

Here I was under the Eiffel....pretty dramatic isn't it?

And it's true these guys don't crack a smile, I was pretty much in
his face for a few seconds giggling and nothing! Ha the things
they have to put up with.....weirdos like me!
This picture was taken at the grounds of Windsor Castle.
And Queen Elizabeth was home...the flag was flying.

Another picture of Eiffel from the double decker amazing view.

BIG BEN....when I first saw him....tears just rolled down my face
he is as magnificant as I imagined...and well I had quite a few of the
"overcome with emotion" moments....

AND last but not least....THE MONA LISA....could you believe how small it really is?!
You were not allowed to take pictures, but I managed to snap this one without being arrested.
Though a few nights in a french jail cell really doesn't sound all that bad...:)

and back to earth Rose....
a snapshot of my bathroom where I'm dreaming of that print. I hope you enjoyed our trip to London and Paris....have a great weekend friends!
Sunday is my birthday...and I will be having a few healthy servings of alcoholic beverages - won't you join me?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Kitchen Wallpaper Project...

BLOOD...SWEAT....TEARS.... Oh alright, no blood...but when I was done I could barely walk, and my arms were killing me! I'm gettting too old for this. My poor kids had several helpings of think I was going to cook AND wallpaper????

I thought I'd get the project going...and 8 hours later, well I was DONE! I adore the way my wallpaper adds so much warmth to the kitchen, LOVE IT. I managed to clean everything, polish the counters...and well now I can sit back and enjoy it. I almost hired someone to hang it, then I got brave, and frankly I don't care to see another dang roll of paper for a while!

ok, see those sconce lights to the side of the french doors?...I turned off the power in the kitchen, and managed to get those off of the wall, yes unhooked wires and all....and put the paper on the correct way....oh good thing hubby was at work...he would have never let me do that on my own :) I was pretty proud of myself - ha!

Wallpaper hanging tip - when hanging paper on a single focal wall, start your first strip in the middle and work your way to the edges. Your edges will end in the same pattern.

oh yea, don't mind the mess in the dining room, ugh it was a hard busy day...

My cupboards look really white in these pictures...must be the flash. They are cream.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Decorating Advice?

One of our fellow bloggers is redecorating her home from scratch and is looking for decorating advice. Hmmmm....I'm no decorating expert that's for sure, but I guess I do have an opinion on the way I like to decorate my own home. First of all, I do think that there is a right and wrong way to decorate, and I bite my tongue as I say that - ha! Sooooo, I've been thinking about this and here is my own personal opinion on the subject - and a very humble opinion at that. But that's what my blog is for right? To express my opinion? HA! So here goes....

I believe that you should start with all of your "main" items, you know the long-term more expensive items, like your bedroom set, your dining room set, and more expensive "anchor" pieces I like to call....and select timeless, classic, traditional pieces of furniture. I look at my own home, and I like to pick furniture that I believe will still look great 10 years from when I purchased it. I think that "traditional" style is a classic. You can then make it more formal or casual by the pieces you bring in to accessorize your space. For example....I have cherry queene anne style furniture in my dining room, I also love the french country look, so I can change my room just by adding toile pillows to my arm chairs, or plaid and toile drapery to the windows...and there you have the french country look in that room. But my "anchor" pieces remain in see what I mean?

So, I did some browsing for pieces that I think are "classic" and would all work well in the same home...even though some are wood pieces mixed with painted pieces, and a little country flair and cottage charm, but essentially "traditional." I can picture all of these pieces under the same roof, and they would complement each other nicely. And last but not least, choose pieces you "LOVE" that you are attracted too, but make sure they complement your anchor pieces, and you can't go wrong. And my pet peeve - steer clear of "trendy" pieces when it comes to your anchor pieces.

So in summary, choose classic pieces for your more expensive ticket items "anchors" and add your own flair whether it be country, cottage charm, your accessories. And one more very important thing to remember - LIGHTING - lamps...lamps....lamps.... there is something about lamp lighting that makes a space inviting. I do not care for overhead lighting and especially flourescent lighting, so I have lots and lots of lamps; for example in my basement, I NEVER turn on the overhead lighting, I just do not like how it makes me feel. And I'm not a fan of "torch" lamps (you know the kind that send the light up to the ceiling), I think that lighting going up to the ceiling is harsh in a room, so I am careful on what type of lamps I put in my rooms. Sooooo, that's my personal take on decorating....

Make it your own by picking a color scheme that is dear to your heart and that reflects your own personality.