Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Whew...well our spring break week is over, and now back to reality! This year we went to Monterrey, Mexico. It is a large city in Mexico where my dad's family is located. When we were growing up, it was our yearly summer vacation. We would all squeeze in mom and dad's car and drive down to visit our grandparents and family. I had not been there in 17 years, since the passing of my grandmother, but we've always been close to the family, so going back there was a special treat. This is the first time my husband has gone, and my two boys. I was pretty worried that hubby was not going to adjust know the way of life there is so much different than it is for us in the U.S. But to my pleasant surprise, he had a wonderful time, and my aunts spoiled him rotten with their daily cooking frenzy! My boys also had a wonderful time with all of the cousins, and so they are already asking to go back next year. The weather was perfect, all week was in the 90's and even into the 100's for a few days. Our week was action-packed. Every day we did something different, and spent a lot of time visiting, and partying with the family. I must admit that a piece of my heart stayed there. I was sad to leave. But, it's also always nice to come home, and to sleep in my own bed. A few pictures below to share our spring break vacation with all of you. Hope everyone is doing well. I hope to get around to paying you all a visit really soon and getting caught up! Monterrey is located in the Northeast part of the country, approximately 3 hours from the U.S. border.

I took this picture from the truck. This is the bridge that divides Mexico and U.S.
We were headed into Mexico.

This is the view driving around town in Monterrey
This is a picture of my grandparents' grave -
dad took fresh flowers
That is my two boys, my dad, and my aunt
from Mexico. It was really hot on this day!
This is a snapshot I took out the backseat
window as we were leaving the mountains
This is a snapshot of the caverns - a big mountain
that you get pulled into and the tour is approx.
1 hour long - we were really tired by the end.
It's called "Las Grutas de Garcia"
A view from the vestibule that took us up to the
mountain, the view was breathtaking...
This is the most famous mountain in Monterrey, Mexico
It's called "Sierra de la silla" which means
mountain of the sadle, because it's peak resembles
the sadle of a horse.
This is a new attraction where you ride the boats for a
1 hour tour. It was relaxing and beautiful.

This is a view of a market where vendors were
selling food, candy, and baked goods...wish you
could smell this....
A view at the "Mercado" - a marketplace
where vendors sell their goods.
This is at the bottom of one of the
mountains, the stream was calming...

Looking up from the stream was this cave in the
mountain, where bats congregate at nightfall... This is my favorite...the roosters were just
roaming around at the bottom of the mountain...

A view from our truck just minutes from the house...

Hope you all had fun! I know we did!

Friday, March 13, 2009


She came through surgery very well, is now alert and talking and the best of all, they got it all! She's on the road to recovery. GOD IS SO GOOD! THANK YOU ALL for all of your prayers, he heard us...he heard us!!!! Best news of all, it was not a tumor, it was a parasite!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update on Friend.....

My friend is in surgery as we speak to remove the brain tumor. Please pray...pray...pray.....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Please Pray For My Friend.....

I have been very sad these past couple of days. One of my closest friends at work (Carmen) has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is the most beautiful woman you could ever meet, both inside and out. I am worried sick about her, and I need all of my wonderful friends who are so close to God to put her in your prayers. I don't know all of the details, only that she is being transferred to one of the University hospitals, so she will be in good hands. I have faith that she is going to get through this. I ask for your prayer for this wonderful friend that I love very deeply.