Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Blessings...

My youngest son made his reconciliation at church this weekend (his first confession). There were about 70 or so children, so they had 7 priests there to help out. It was a very touching moment and he was so brave and poised. And as I took the picture of the father blessing him...I was all choked up behind the camera. My sweet little angel is growing up. Without even asking...he leaned over and whispered when he returned to the pew...and said, "Mom...I had to tell him that I don't always obey my parents." - a gentle reminder that no matter how much we think our kids don't listen...they really do...Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

All of the pictures I took of him were this dark...must have been where I was standing. Sorry.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Bird Prints...

If you read my previous post, you already know that I'm on the hunt for some bird prints. Nan (who is a complete sweetheart by the way, and her posts will certainly make you chuckle!) sent me a link to some prints she found online, and they are just BEAUTIFUL - great job Nan! While those bird prints are really lovely....they don't quite go with the style I'm going for in the family room, and so Nan got me to thinking...what exactly am I looking for, and what would look best in my room with my furniture and backdrop. So, I thought I'd share what I have in mind, these nature inspired bird prints would be perfect. Isn't it amazing that a bird print would have it's own style?? Who knew!

I just LOVE this set of 4

all of the above prints may be found at

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bird Flu...

Don't panic, I don't have bird flu, nor have I been reading about it either - you're safe! I have been home sick from work, with what I believe is the flu, though I had a flu shot, go figure. But it's in my joints and I'm walking like a very old woman these days. Reason I named this post bird flu (heee....) is because I found the cutest little birdies, which have inspired me to add some bird prints to my family room for spring and summer this year. I also need to find some pretty floral or soft green pillows to freshen up my couch in there. The larger plaid is my sofa fabric, and the small check is my club chair...the one that I like to call "mine." When we went shopping for family room furniture, my husband and I both spotted this set at the furniture store, and instantly knew we had to have it! I love the colors...brown, olive, and cream. Our family room has dark wood paneling that came with the's nice paneling that was actually stained by the original owner who was also the builder. And well...we don't even consider taking it down, it's what makes the room feel so warm and cozy, especially on a cold winter's day. We spend a lot of time in there. It's right off of the kitchen. I also thought I'd share before and after photos of our fireplace upgrade that we had done last year in that room, and since then we've also had cabinets built for the side of the fireplace. It's really made the room even more special. The stone used for the fireplace is from feel free to look around there, it's hard not to fall in love...

These are the birdies...and they were only $1 each at Marshall's




Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm a winner....

Ok, I think I'd better buy a lottery ticket here soon - ha! Can you believe I won the giveaway at Yellow Farmhouse?! How lucky am I??? And...I've already found a spot for my wonderful prizes. The candle smells amazing, and the jar lid is just adorable. Take a look at the braded's soooo cute!

If you have not met Karen from Yellow Farmhouse, well I'd like you to head on over there, and take a look around. Karen is a warm, funny, and caring person, not to mention very talented, along with her friends. You can sense her warmth in her posts...and her home is just lovely! Thank you Karen for my wonderful gifts. Hubby's confused about the packages that have arrived full of goodies...he's not sure how this works - ha!!!!!

This candle smells amazing....I LOVE it!

I put this display together on the bay window in my family room,

ok is this

placemat adorable or what! See it under the candles?

And I have the candle on my mantle in the family room. I like to burn candles when I'm watching tv, or relaxing on my favorite easy chair.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


For a while now I've been doing some browsing...for wallpaper that is. Yes...I know that I probably shouldn't put too much wallpaper in the house, but I can't help it. I love wallpaper, and I love the way I feel when I spy that certain one. know what I mean..the one that gives you a sense of warmth, welcome, cozy, and HOME. I would find a paper, get all excited...sleep on it, then realize that no it's not "the one." But, my search has ended...yes I placed my order, and I can't wait to get started. I haven't quite yet decided where exactly I'll put it in the kitchen...but I know for sure it's going on the wall with the french doors. I'll be posting pictures...but don't hold your breath...not sure how quickly I'll get the project done - ha! I had originally picked out the red rooster paper that I have pictured on my blog, and don't get me wrong...I LOVE that paper...but I thought I'd be too confined with my prints and window treatments...which I like to change often. So, I really needed a "backdrop" - something to add character...but not confine me too much. And here is a picture of the paper. I hope you like it as much as I do. It's a gold and cream check pattern.

Ok, items number two - heee......I always go through the "plate" aisle at any store I visit. It's hard to find nice plates to hang on the have to find just the right ones to group over a picture or display on a wall....and yesterday was my lucky day. I found these lovely red plates...the colors match with my colors...olive green, red, golds...that's what's in my living room, dining room, and kitchen. Sooooo I came home with this set of three....and I have about four different places I can hang them....I can't decide, they look so pretty everywhere I put them - ha! I originally thought I'd hang them in the foyer not too far from the bench....but then I had them setting on the counter in my kitchen...and they look so pretty there too on the soffit. Agh...Anyway, take a look at these pretty plates. I took a close up so you could see the detail a little better, and the red is just perfect!

do you see the butterfly?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pray for Aaron...

I hope Sue from Life at Home doesn't mind me sending you over to her blog for some prayers...and support. I just found Sue's blog a few days ago...and have had her and Aaron on my mind since then. Aaron had an allergic reaction to penicillin, and he's fighting it as we speak. Please stop over and pray for their family. As a wife and mother of boys...I feel her anguish...

I'm also a believer in the power of prayer.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Remember I told you that the New Year always makes me want to "RE" - renew...decorate...redo...and anything else that starts with "re" - ha! Well...the new year always makes me want to change something. This year was no exception, but it's probably the most change I've made in quite a while. I've been doing a lot of reading about "green" and what I can do to become more aware. Some of the articles I've read are downright scary. And if you know anything about me....well, it doesn't take much to freak me out, especially when it's health related - ha! an effort to improve upon the way I run my household, and make a healthier home for all of us, I started purchasing more green friendly products...and now that I've been using them for a little while, I'm really sorry I didn't start sooner. Why didn't I start sooner? Because I guess I hadn't really thought about it. And after talking to a few folks and reading...I realized that the products I was using containing a lot of toxic chemicals may be the cause of my son's allergies and bouts of asthma he's had for several years...besides his allergies to pet dander, but we don't have any pets and we try to keep him away from them too.
Anyhoo, "Method" products from Target are non-toxic and biodegradable...and I just read that Walmart may start carrying them as well. I also found that they have their own website too. I've pretty much used most of their line, and I can report I am perfectly happy with everything, and I feel good about using it. Feel free to click on my link here.

Well...along with this change...I also started buying milk that does not contain any BST's, and was shocked to know that we are the only industrialized country in the world to allow our cows to be injected with growth hormones (BST') - every other country has BANNED this. What???

So, I started getting milk from a local dairy here in town that carries milk without the use of these hormones....and there are other brands at the grocery store too, but it's convenient as I don't live very far from this dairy shop. I did go through "sticker shock," as it's double the price of a gallon of milk...and I hid the receipts from hubby, until I fessed up - ha! But now I'm used to it so it doesn't seem as bad, and again makes me feel a little better about my kids drinking it. My sister in law tells me I read too much - ha! I guess I do...and then I freak my self out - I'm such a nut sometimes. My hubby was pretty resistant with this change...his theory was we all grew up drinking regular milk and we're fine...and I guess that's true...until I found out that BST's have only been used in the U.S. since 1994 - ugh...then it was back to being paranoid....HAA! I'm not telling you this because I'm preaching for anyone to change...just sharing what I've been doing since the beginning of the year. There is plenty of research out there that says there is no difference in the you can make your own choices. But there was enough research of the effects of BST's to make me think twice....and now I wish someone would have told me about this a long time ago.... There are a lot of articles on Google about this if your interested. And many large diary farmers are jumping on the ban wagon because of consumer demand. So, BST's may be banned if the demand continues.
Happy Wednesday everyone, this week has been hectic for me at my job, and once again, I'm ready for the weekend...heee......not surprised are you?
Thanks all for stopping in to see me this week...I have so much fun with my blog, and I've met some of the most talented, witty, and charming friends! THANK YOU.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Guess who found my blog??? And she came to visit me! AGH!!!! AGE...she found me. Where was I when she came? How did I miss her? And is she still here, hiding out in my basement or in a closet somewhere? Yes, this morning as I was blow drying my hair I went to put my face moisturizer, and there it was. The streaks of grey she left as a token of her visit! Look Age, I know I've been nice and I always have my door open to friends with a pot of coffee brewing, and ready for a nice chat. But I'm sorry, you are not welcome here! My hair is dark brown you hear me?? - I repeat "DARK BROWN." How dare you just waltz your little self in my house and have the nerve to paint pieces of my hairline!!!! Blogger friends, close your doors, I'm telling you she's on the prowl!!!! We do not want you or welcome you - EVER! The only thing you are allowed to leave...and at the the front doorsteps mind you - is wisdom, memories, knowledge, and that is it you hear me?! Ok I'm done now. Sheesh she must of got wind that I'm turning 41 next month..and of course she's trying to be cordial by leaving her gifts. No thank you Age, sorry I don't mean to be rude...

Ok, sorry here are better pictures of the foyer with the pillows I won at Cottage Magpie. I hadn't had time to take some snapshots.

Here is a picture of a bench I have that I just love...and even more so now with my new pillow!

This is a painted small cabinet that I have to the left of the front doors, it's deep redHere is a snapshot of my foyer with a view of the kitchen eating area from the front door
Happy Monday everyone! I'm getting ready for work...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mom's Pastries...

First of all, if you read my previous post, then you've already met "Pilgrim" - but he's creeping out my boys - ha! I put him in the corner of my dining room for now, until I get him packed away...and well they won't walk in there! They peek around the corner to look at him, then run away - ha!

I spent my Saturday with Mom, she's been wanting to bake her famous pastries. Oh they are just very delicate and wonderful! So, we got everything we needed and rolled up our sleeves. They are so simple to make, and very tasty! The cream cheese gives the dough a wonderful taste. They just melt in your mouth. They are called "Empanadas" - it's a pastry with apricot filling, but you can use any other fruit filling you'd like. People from countries like Argentina and Colombia also make their version of "Empanadas", but their version is not a sweet pastry, it's filled with meat and it's savory.

Recipe for the dough:
4 sticks of butter
1 8oz cream cheese
4 cups flour

Filling = 2 cans of Solo (or any other brand) apricot filling

Topping = 1 cup sugar mixed with two sticks of cinnamon that you can grind in the mixer.

Cream together butter and cream cheese, blend in flour one cup at a time, until dough is well blended. Cover the dough in a bowl for 30 minutes to rest. Take a ball of dough, and roll into 3 inch circles, fill with approx. 1 tsp. full of filling, fold over and pinch. Bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Mine were perfect at 15 minutes. The tops will still look white, but the bottoms will be lightly toasted. Sprinkle with sugar mixture while they are still warm from the oven. YUM!

Let dough rest for 30 minutes while covered with a cloth

Roll into a 3 inch circle approx. fill w/ 1 tsp. of filling

place on cookie sheet, you can put them close together, they don't spread

bake for 15 minutes, pull them out of the oven and sprinkle with sugar mixture while still hot

Angela from Cottage Magpie asked to see a picture of my foyer. Here it is Angela. This is prior to getting your beautiful pillows that now set on my bench with a throw. The wall color is Sherwin Williams - Whole Wheat

P.S. my girlfriend stopped in today, she says the pillows are much

bigger than they appear in my post.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Lookie here...

So, as promised I wanted to show you what I won at Cottage Magpie! Angela sews very well...I can tell by the quality of the pillow she made....and I had just the perfect spot for it. THANK YOU ANGELA!!!And...also enclosed in my package (oooo I just love packages), was a second pillow cover - I plan to use the white floral one in the summertime, it's so fresh looking. ANGELA you are much too generous! HUGS being sent your way! And don't forget to stop on over at Housepeepers for Janet's giveaway!

And well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I was out most of the day with mom and of course we stopped in at our local Marshall's. I headed straight to the clearance section because since November 2007 I've had my eye on this pilgrim fellow - and it was originally $49.99 - I really loved him, but not enough to pay fifty about 3 weeks ago, I ran into my girlfriend at Marshall's and well I took her back there to see if my pilgrim was still there...yep...he was there and now he was on clearance for 50% off...and my girlfriend told me to get him... Hmmmm...I told her that since he was still here he'd probably last a little while longer. Yep, my black top guy was standing there today, just waiting on me. I picked him up because the price was on the sole of his boot, and WHAT? He was marked down to $15.00, then the gal tells me he's half off of that! Oh my goodness I picked up my pilgrim and put him right in the cart. He's sooooooo wonderful, I just LOVE him! I will put him on my porch during harvest time, to greet our guests. I cannot wait to display him. He is a little over 3 feet tall, yep he's a really good size, and he's quite heavy too! Isn't he just wonderful? I put him here on my fireplace just to take a picture of him, but I'll wrap him up nice and safe until Fall. Boy, I love when I find a great bargain. So, his name is "Pilgrim" (I'm so original aren't I?) I wonder if he has a wife? I think I'll have to find him one...I've got all year to do so.

Here is the lovely pillow Angela made, it's just perfect on my bench in the foyer

This white pillow is so fresh, perfect for summer! Did I mention I'm missing summer?

Meet "Pilgrim." His black slacks are tucked in his boots. And the cutie
pie is my first born, I wanted you to see the scale of Pilgrim.
Look at this wonderful cape he is wearing, the detail is just beautiful! A couple of close ups - oooo I love him!
Ok, blogger friends, be on the lookout for his wife!
Call me if you find her!

I've Missed You...

Hi friends, I'm finally back in blog business, and oh I've missed you! Three modems later, and a visit from the cable guy...well that was frustrating! Last night I went around visiting some of you...and I'm getting the winter blues....and it's only January - AGH! We've had a couple of mild days...and I had a strong urge to run to the nursery for some plants, ok waaay tooo early! I miss summer, flowers, the kids splashing in the pool...and most of all SUNSHINE - where is it??? Well, today is my day off, and I'll be running around with mom getting our nails and hair done, and some grocery shopping. I'm ready for the weekend, aren't I always waiting for the weekend?! Happy Friday everyone, I promise I'll have some new photos up to show you what I have won from Cottage Magpie's giveaway! In the meantime, here is a picture of my vincas from last summer that oh I'm just really missing right about now...

NOTE: A couple of my girlfriends told me that they tried to leave a comment and it didn't work, oh so sorry. If you do not have a blog, then to leave a comment click on the "anonymous" option, and you can just sign your name or not....Sorry for the trouble, but I truly appreciate you stopping in to visit me! HUGS.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Hi Friends! Sorry, I have not posted in several days...UGH....our internet service at home is being very bad this we're waiting for the cable company to fix it! You can only imagine my frustration can't you?! Well...I really don't feel comfortable posting from work, but just a quick one to let ya know what's happening...and I'll be back soon to post some new stuff. Hope everyone is having a happy Monday! My boys went back to school today, so things should be back to normal now (whatever normal is) - ha! Here's a picture of my office at work that I'd thought I'd share. The paint color is Sherwin Williams - Mannered Gold. It's a very cozy work evironment...and my boss let me pick out the wall color and lighting....I'm really spoiled.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Sooooo.....I've been browsing at bedding, because as I said before this time of year gets me in the "RE" spirit - redecorate, renew...blah...blah...blah...and I showed you some lovely bedding that is just so very dreamy (and very pricey too). But... as I browsed through my favorite shopping sites, well I stumbled across this bedding at none other than JCPenney - and well what can I say I just couldn't resist it. It's charming...and oh such a sweet bargain, and well I've never had a "bedspread" I usually have to change the bedskirt. And it looks so much like the look I'm dreaming of. Don't you think? So, I suppose my bedding will be red! And well couldn't resist the drapes either! I guess the "re" has begun....ha! Hope everyone is ready for the weekend, I know I'm ready!'s back to work for me in the mornin...

Look, I've been saving this wallpaper sample in my files. I found it this summer while browsing...and well I thought it was just lovely. I think it's elegant, and I can picture my master bath dressed in it. So...I thought I'd share it with you, not sure what I'll end up with...
And, here is what's on my bed right now, I really love it too, but it's nice to change through the seasons...I use those matelasse shams with all of my comforters, they make the bed look cozy. And can see why I've been dreading the bedroom makeover...lots of wallpaper to remove. And nowadays when so many people dislike wallpaper, well I've never grown tired of it...and I'm guilty of decorating for ME not the next potential buyer because life's too short!

Winter White New Year...

So...look what we woke up to on New Year's Day! I hope this is not an indication of what's to come. We ended up staying home when my girlfriend called and decided to come and spend the night with her two girls. Her hubby is a fireman, and he was working overnight. So, we ordered in and managed to stay up with the kids to welcome in the new year. And...the next day, well her dear hubby came over with their waffle maker and cooked us some yummy waffles for breakfast, what a treat! Since the snow continued...we all hung out the entire day in our pj's...and we ordered in dinner again and watched movies - ha! Ok, I could get used to that. Unfortunately it's back to work for me tomorrow, so I knew I'd better get my butt in gear. I cleaned out the fridge today, ugh not my favorite chore....but it feels good now that I'm done. I guess I'll tackle the pantry next - nothing like waiting for the night before work right?! Hope everyone is having a great week, I'm ready for the weekend!