Sunday, January 13, 2008


Guess who found my blog??? And she came to visit me! AGH!!!! AGE...she found me. Where was I when she came? How did I miss her? And is she still here, hiding out in my basement or in a closet somewhere? Yes, this morning as I was blow drying my hair I went to put my face moisturizer, and there it was. The streaks of grey she left as a token of her visit! Look Age, I know I've been nice and I always have my door open to friends with a pot of coffee brewing, and ready for a nice chat. But I'm sorry, you are not welcome here! My hair is dark brown you hear me?? - I repeat "DARK BROWN." How dare you just waltz your little self in my house and have the nerve to paint pieces of my hairline!!!! Blogger friends, close your doors, I'm telling you she's on the prowl!!!! We do not want you or welcome you - EVER! The only thing you are allowed to leave...and at the the front doorsteps mind you - is wisdom, memories, knowledge, and that is it you hear me?! Ok I'm done now. Sheesh she must of got wind that I'm turning 41 next month..and of course she's trying to be cordial by leaving her gifts. No thank you Age, sorry I don't mean to be rude...

Ok, sorry here are better pictures of the foyer with the pillows I won at Cottage Magpie. I hadn't had time to take some snapshots.

Here is a picture of a bench I have that I just love...and even more so now with my new pillow!

This is a painted small cabinet that I have to the left of the front doors, it's deep redHere is a snapshot of my foyer with a view of the kitchen eating area from the front door
Happy Monday everyone! I'm getting ready for work...


  1. Rose,

    Age has been hanging out here for many years...just refer to my Birthday Card post and you will realize that a few grays are not as bad as belonging to the "38 Long Club". You can cover the grays, but tripping over your boobs is hazardous!!


  2. I love the foyer even more in this picture! I'm so glad the pillow works there. I like it! My hair is brown too, although light brown. That's BROWN people!

  3. Oh Rose.... I laughed and cried (literally) at your post on age. You see I will be 60 on Thursday and I am not handling it real well. I don't think growing old is a good thing at all. I don't feel old and my kids tell me I don't act my age. (That's a compliment) so what is going on here??? Time is just flying by so fast. Love your's so pretty.

  4. P.S. I accidentally took one of your pastries and accidentally had a cup of tea this afternoon while enjoying it. :)

  5. Hello Rose
    I love your have a good taste!!
    Beautiful decoration...
    Que graciosa la foto que pusiste ( el dibujo de color rojo)
    I send you a big kiss my friend!
    Have a wonderful week

  6. I've been trying to get that "age woman" away from here for a while. She's just mean. She just keeps sneaking up behind me.
    Your foyer looks fabulous.

  7. is next to go...but then again, it blurs the grey hairs that appear! Love the pictures of your foyer.

  8. Nice Decor....your links are all of my favorites. I like your foyer.

    Margo, a teacher at McKinley School.

  9. To the sweet teacher that left a comment, I truly appreciate you stopping in for a visit. Glad you enjoyed it.

  10. Ah Rose - Ms Age has been visiting here for awhile. I just washed her out of my hair today. But she is persistent and shows back up about every 3 weeks. She just won't take a hint, LOL.

    Thanks for the cute post - Hugs

  11. You scared me as I was reading your blog. I thought you were going to say you were going through menopause. I stalled for a moment and said no it can't be. Boy was I relieved you were only talking about a few grays. Count your blessings dear friend SHE isn't finsihed with us yet!
    For your on-line friends, the empanadas were delicious, and the recipe is easy to follow. We made a batch on Sunday at Rose's house. I'm eager to try them with strawberry filling. I'll send you some Rose.
    Once again thank you for your hopitality. We always have so much fun by your house.

  12. Goodness, you're still just a babe and a few grey hairs are pretty! 'She' visited me years ago so I put myself in the hands of a great colorist and became a redhead!

    Pillow looks great on your bench - nice inviting entry. Can I come over when the empanadas come out of the oven next time, please!!!