Monday, January 7, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Hi Friends! Sorry, I have not posted in several days...UGH....our internet service at home is being very bad this we're waiting for the cable company to fix it! You can only imagine my frustration can't you?! Well...I really don't feel comfortable posting from work, but just a quick one to let ya know what's happening...and I'll be back soon to post some new stuff. Hope everyone is having a happy Monday! My boys went back to school today, so things should be back to normal now (whatever normal is) - ha! Here's a picture of my office at work that I'd thought I'd share. The paint color is Sherwin Williams - Mannered Gold. It's a very cozy work evironment...and my boss let me pick out the wall color and lighting....I'm really spoiled.


  1. Hello Rose
    I'm glad to hear from you my dear!!!
    I hope the cable company fix the problem very soon!!!
    Good luck to your kids.

  2. What a lucky girl not to be working in one of those mauve, upholstered wall cubes. Or do they even have those anymore? Your gold is warm and cozy.

  3. What a nice office. Aren't computer problems the pits? I guess I'm so addicted to jumping online at any given moment and I just hate it when the cable modem acts up.

  4. I wondered what happened to you. Isn't it awful how we are just paralyzed when our computer stuff isn't working right?
    That looks like a very nice office. I will be taking some items to work soon to personalize mine. Right now I'm still in training mode.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. I have missed you. Haven't seen you in a while. Now I know why. :) I posted a pic of my office space today too. Not pretty like yours. :)

  6. Hope you get your computer problems fixed! Your office looks so cozy!
    p.s. found the plates on ebay.