Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Project Update

So, finally the guest room is painted. I went with Benjamin Moore's Lenox Tan. I'm happy with the results, phew. I also have photos of the columns now painted in the same cream as the kitchen cabinets. Carpet should be installed sometime in the next week or two, so my house has been upside down with closet cleaning, etc... Hey, you see I got bold and primed the dark green armoire, and removed the dark chairrail in the guest room. I'm thinking to use a chocolate brown on the armoire, like the dark piece in the inspiration photo, and at the recommendation of the Kari and Kjisa of course. Still waiting on my comforter to arrive, it's on backorder. And of course finding a pattern for the window dressing for my lovely sister. Boy I'm going to owe her big time aren't I? So, that's all for now. I've been really busy lately, working on a big project at work, so I haven't had much time for blogging. But as soon as I get a little less on my plate, I'll be over to visit you all. Hope everyone is having a terrific week. Finally some great weather here!

I had plenty of help with the priming

Crown molding is a glossy white, wall BM Lenox Tan

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

Well I have been tagged by John-Michael, oh I'll get him don't you worry. :)

FIVE FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT ME [see … 5 words … no more, nor less]
(EACH in EXACTLY FIVE (5) WORDS) [again … 5 words]

(1) same neighborhood but different house
(2) still working at same company
(3) redecorating rooms in my house (never ends)
(4) driving a Toyota Sienna van
(5) dealing with 2 car seats

SNACKS AND TREATS I ENJOY [5 words]- John-Michael we enjoy some of the same!
(1) baked, crunchy thin cheese curls
(2) mixed salty nuts from jar
(3) nacho chips and mild salsa
(4) mild chicken wings and dip
(5) a piece of fresh fruit

(1) send money family in Mexico
(2) help poor families in US
(3) send vaccines to poor countries
(4) financial gift to family/close friends
(5) pay off bills/homes for family

(1) Burger King employee then manager
(2) Video store front desk clerk
(3) Bank check processing center clerk
(4) Legel secretary in corporate group
(5) Training computer program advisor/administrator

(1) Raised in small Indiana city
(2) Lived/work 1 year Southern California
(3) In subdivision Northwest Indiana town
(4) blank
(5) blank

(1) I'll spare everyone the pain, as I'm not sure who has already been tagged. :)
Ok, on my way to go and pinch John-Michael! :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Seagrass Chair....

I've been doing some searching online for a chair for the guest room. I know what I have in mind, but I don't have a big budget for the guest room, and so I'll be searching at garage sales, and second hand stores...unless I can convince my hubby to let me order this one...heeeee...... I've also been looking for a lamp, also know what I'm looking for, but what I've found breaks the budget too. Anyway, I wanted to share these lovely finds with you all. I fell in love with the seagrass chair the moment I found it, and now nothing compares, you know how that goes...isn't it just beautiful!

Hope everyone is having a terrific week. I've been busy with work so I haven't been visiting you all, but hello to everyone and hope to have some relax time to catch up with each of you.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A few updates and stuff....

Happy Blessed Sunday All! I've had quite the week....lots of running around to do, so I haven't posted all week. So, I'll try not to ramble. Update on projects - painter called us to tell us he was behind, but assured us that we are next in line. Good thing because I have tortured myself trying to decide on a wall color for the guest room. The picture I showed you with the blue and white theme looks to have khaki walls in the background, so my plan was to do them khaki. THEN, I decided to contact Southern Living and ask for the color and bedding information because my curiosity would just not let me rest. UGH, to my surprise the magazine e-mailed me back with the color of the walls being Benjamin Moore, Norwich Brown. Ahhhh....I was so happy and content. So, I got home anxiously picking up my BM color deck and UGH - it's dark chocolate brown!!!! Norwich is DARK! Nooooo, that doesn't look like the picture, so I wrote back to the gal...there must be some mistake. She assured me that their resource page is always very accurate. So.....I imagined the room in my mind...over and over.....and then went back online to look at the photo, then noticed the description over to the right - yes indeed it said "Subtle Khaki" - well NORWICH IS NOT SUBTLE! Soooooo, I'm back to the khaki walls, and so I've decided without giving it any more thought - the walls will be Benjamin Moore's Lenox Tan - one of my favorite tans. So, we're done with that. Yep, I'm rambling.

Next, I found out that the bedding is a Jane Seymour set (Somerset Garden), of course it's discontinued now and nowhere to be found, but I was relentless I tell you, and I found the comforter online - yes ONLY the comforter, then I found fabric. And so my lovely sister is going to make me the shams with the fabrics I ordered that coordinate. WHY is this so difficult!!! And the armoire, I'm almost sure I'm going to paint it chocolate brown - so I'm open to any nice browns that you can throw my way please.

The closet doors are going away, and replaced with recessed panel doors that will be painted white like the crown molding. So, I'm getting there little by little, but since there is no activity going on in the room right now, well sorry no pics to share.

I do have a pic to share of the family room, not painted yet, but furniture in place and you can get an idea of how it looks. The colums are going to be painted the color of the kitchen cabinets, and new carpet in the room. I'll share photos once that's done.

I also picked up this Waverly valance last week
to put in my kitchen, and I just love it!

And Penny over at Lavendar Hill studio did a post
about one of my favorite pals here, and she
found a large one on ebay! Too cute!
I got mine at Williamsburg Marketplace if you're interested
I have a link to it over to the right of my blog
And last but not least, my latest plate finds,
aren't these sooooo cute? They have little birdies on them,
can you see the birdies?
They remind me of tart plates or are they tart plates?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lots of Thanks Today...

Ahh, so as I sit here having my morning cup of coffee - I slept in today...woke up at 9:30 a.m. to the doorbell ringing, followed by dad's voice at the bottom of the stairs. My DEAR dad brought us breakfast this morning, and he let himself in since we were all out cold - ha! He and my sis took a drive this morning to the town where we grew up, about 25 minutes north of here. There are a lot of little authentic Mexican stores, filled with wonderful treats. One of the old favorites is steamed beef that you eat rolled in a corn tortilla with some fresh homemade salsa. And he also stopped in at the Mexican bakery, and brought us a bag of fresh baked pieces...yum! No wonder we can't lose any weight round here. THANKS DAD, you are truly an ANGEL.

Secondly, I have been meaning to say THANK YOU to dear Lynn from Vintage Nest who sent me a special little gift in the mail. Oh, she is sooooo cute, and quickly found a spot in my kitchen where I can see her everyday, and she brings a smile to my face. Now, Lynn knows I like roosters, and she asked me first if I would like this knowing I love tassels, and black and white check. OF COURSE Lynn, especially because YOU thought of me! came in the mail, and it's perfect! So, hugs my dear Lynn, you are such a sweetie! If you haven't stopped over to Lynn's blog, she has a wonderful Vintage Boutique that you just have to browse, she finds wonderful treasures, and she also makes the most adorable crowns, for you DIVAS - these are LOVELY, Lynn is warm and fun, and always a treat to visit!

And last BUT certainly NOT LEAST is my Excellence Award that my dear friend Adrienne from With a Grateful Heart blog has awarded me. Ahhhh, Adrienne is a warm, loving, caring person, and I thank you so much for this award. I will certainly display it proudly on my blog. Adrienne is a wonderful daughter, and truly cherishes the time with mom. THANK YOU Adrienne for reminding us how important it is to spend special moments with our loved ones, you are truly an inspiration. Stop on over to meet Adrienne if you don't already have the pleasure. And so I couldn't decide who to forward this award to, as all of my blog friends have excellent blogs, and so how can I choose? So, I extend this to all you wonderful friends out there who bring a smile to my face!
FINALLY, THANK YOU for all of your wonderful ideas for my guest room. Everything is on hold right now until the painter starts his work. So, I will post pictures as the project progresses....still haven't finalized the color choice - UGH, why does it have to be this difficult! THANK YOU.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Guest Room Help Needed...

Here are a few inspiration photos I kept:

You know how one project turns into many....well when I had my adopted family here building my columns for the family room, I asked him if it was possible to put up some crown molding in the guest room. that led to the removal of existing wallpaper in there, and so now I have two projects to complete. Hubby is really happy about this, wink. The painter finally came back with his quote, and so the painting will begin next week, about the middle of the week. And so it brings me to my question. What color do I paint the room? I want a warm, cozy, inviting, room for my guests. Right now there is a mix of furniture that has been "extra" stuff from previous moves, as well as my hubby's bed before we married....The items that must stay in the room are the small table I found at Marshalls with the cream pedestal, ain't it cute? And the armoire, which is a very deep green, possible paint project. And finally, the adorable window fabric shutters, of course the fabric will be replaced to match the new bedroom theme. The wing chair is more likely to be moved to my boys' room since it is one of my favorite chairs, adorable. and the chairrail I would like to keep the same color as this chairrail is throughout the rest of the house, and the walls are now all ready for painting, sorry this picture still shows the bottom wallpaper, that's now gone. The crown molding will be painted white. SO, I've been hurting my brain trying to decide what to do. Can you help me with your wonderful suggestions. Anything goes! So, bring it! Room size is 11x14.

AND, and be sure to check out Buttercup Manor over at
Catherine Holman Folk Art, I was one of the winners for naming one of her wonderful works of art, and it's featured in her new post. She does AMAZING work! Thank you Catherine, this is such an honor!