Thursday, April 3, 2008

Guest Room Help Needed...

Here are a few inspiration photos I kept:

You know how one project turns into many....well when I had my adopted family here building my columns for the family room, I asked him if it was possible to put up some crown molding in the guest room. that led to the removal of existing wallpaper in there, and so now I have two projects to complete. Hubby is really happy about this, wink. The painter finally came back with his quote, and so the painting will begin next week, about the middle of the week. And so it brings me to my question. What color do I paint the room? I want a warm, cozy, inviting, room for my guests. Right now there is a mix of furniture that has been "extra" stuff from previous moves, as well as my hubby's bed before we married....The items that must stay in the room are the small table I found at Marshalls with the cream pedestal, ain't it cute? And the armoire, which is a very deep green, possible paint project. And finally, the adorable window fabric shutters, of course the fabric will be replaced to match the new bedroom theme. The wing chair is more likely to be moved to my boys' room since it is one of my favorite chairs, adorable. and the chairrail I would like to keep the same color as this chairrail is throughout the rest of the house, and the walls are now all ready for painting, sorry this picture still shows the bottom wallpaper, that's now gone. The crown molding will be painted white. SO, I've been hurting my brain trying to decide what to do. Can you help me with your wonderful suggestions. Anything goes! So, bring it! Room size is 11x14.

AND, and be sure to check out Buttercup Manor over at
Catherine Holman Folk Art, I was one of the winners for naming one of her wonderful works of art, and it's featured in her new post. She does AMAZING work! Thank you Catherine, this is such an honor!


  1. It's really hard to start from scratch. Do you have an "inspiration piece".....a painting, pillow.....even a picture from a magazine that you love? I'd find something like that and pull your wall color from that. Good Luck! :-) Rosie

  2. Rose,

    I am just at the part where I envy you having someone paint for you. What a dream come true that would be!! Maybe room redo ideas will come to me later :-)


  3. exciting!! Two redo's!! We love your inspiration photos, and great choices, as blue and white rooms have been considered the most popular color scheme in rooms (reported via magazine photo shoots, covers and sales info for several decades!!)

    Thus this scheme should be wonderful for your room, and readily available in a variety of bedding and fabrics! A warm neutral, such as Sherwin Williams Ivoire or Blonde would be creamy and buttery on your walls. You can match an exact color to your carpet, trim and accessories. This would create a wonderful base for your room.

    If you wanted to paint the armoire, maybe go dark with an antiqued chocolate brown, or light with a distressed white.

    If you were looking for a little more change, you could paint the closet doors, or use as display space for permanently attached frames.

    We know you will do a wonderful job, and hope our few suggestions help you in some way! Can't wait to watch the progress unfold!!

    Have a wonderful day,

    kari & kijsa

  4. Ooh, I like Kari and Kijsa's ideas. I also like the idea of black and white with the soft gold walls shown in your first picture. But I'm really partial to blue and white. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be the perfect place for your guests. May I be on the list to check in when it's all finished? ~Adrienne~

  5. Ooo, what fun! I would paint the walls a nice golden buttery yellow like your inspiration photo (I love Benjamin Moore or Devine Paints, I might even know the color for you but I can't remember it now, I know Devine paint if you can get it there has a beautiful selection of yellows).

    I would paint the closet doors perhaps and I perhaps try a warm chocolate brown for the armoire.

    Your inspiration photos are wonderful, love the blue and white with the golden yellow! I can't wait to see what you end up with! FUN FUN FUN! Please let me know when you post on the progress! You are going to do a great job and you are so lucky to have HELP!


  6. Hi Rose sweetie! It sounds like you are keeping yourself as busy as a little bee! I think I would paint the room a lovely light buttercup yellow. I think that would be soothing, relaxing, and yet still go with almost any colour you chose for other items. Can't wait to see the finished pics! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  7. Wow, the possibilities are endless for sure! If the chair rail is brownish as it appears and with the bed, table, and shutters all in wood tones-a soft golden yellow would be very pretty indeed. Would also tie in the dark green armoire for sure. Bedding could go anyway with this one, but I have seen beautiful choices with a medium blue/sunny yellow pattern.
    Or, go even farther and use a muted green color that will really soften the armoire. Then fabric/accessories can again go any direction with a green/yellow/browns. Would be a perfect backdrop for your bird prints and other "nature" items. I bet your creative mind can even find a way to sneak in a few roosters for good measure!
    Whatever you choose will be warm and inviting and I can't wait to see what the finished project becomes!

  8. I like what Kijsa and Kari said. I noticed a red what looks like a comforter on a bedside table. If your using that I painted my guestroom in a Sherwin Williams color called Whole Wheat I believe and the bathroom is called Sesame and it looks wonderful with red. My porch color is called Raffia Basket I think and it's my new favorite - all really great neutrals with some punch for color. Whatever you do will look amazing because you have a great eye.

    hugs - Karen

  9. fun that we love the same colors!! Restrained Gold is a great color...but one that changes drastically with lighting! If you have lots of natural light, it is wonderfully warm and cozy, but tends to go a bit green in incandescent lighting. So many great comments! Have a fabulous weekend!

    kari & kijsa

  10. Hi Rose,
    You are such a busy gal! I used to do wall finishes for a living, but always made the customer pick their own colors. I've always been afraid if they didn't like it they would blame me. Have you tried any wall finishes before?

  11. Just returned from a road trip and am catching up with all my friends - it's hard even after just a week away!!

    You will definitely be able to do some great things with this room Rose. As you know I've just finished my guest room (French theme), the crowning glory being the chandelier!!
    Perhaps you need a theme first - I find it easier that way. Cottage, Shabby Chic, Traditional, English Country, Swedish etc. I do think the lovely armoire will be a great starting point and you should decide the color of that piece first. As it's dark, how about just going to black, less limiting than green, and distressing and sanding the edges etc. This way it will be neutral and easy to work around. I think you will enjoy the walls a warm, yellow based cream rather than real yellow. Other colors can be brought in with bedding, wall art, fabric etc., all items that can be changed around later - and don't forget, leave room to hang a large beautiful mirror!

    Will look forward to seeing what you decide to do - lots of luck.
    Hugs - Mary.

  12. I REALLY like those picture groupings on the wall to the sides of, and over the headboard in your "inspiration" photo. Very nice expression of some free spirit but with a classic flavour.

    Thanks for including me in your "think tank" opportunity.

    Loving You!