Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vacation Fun...

Ahhhh, we're back home. We spent the week in Cancun, Mexico. Our first time visiting there. It's beautiful. We went on an all-inclusive package, a first for us too. Let me tell you if you have kids, well this is the way to go. There was an endless supply of food and so many options. My kids never went hungry, and we didn't have to carry our wallets. Even at the pool they had an open buffet all day long. The weather was very nice, and my boys quickly made friends with the other kids at the pool. Hubby and I did a lot of relaxing by the pool with fruity drinks. A couple of evenings we took the local bus and went into the downtown shopping area, and we felt safe the entire time. The buses were mostly filled with tourists. A few snapshots of our week.

the breathtaking water

the beach

the pool area at our hotel

the nightly torture

my boy by the girl in the red bikini

my guys enjoying the moonlit ocean

one of the restaurants in our hotel where we mostly ate
(we had a choice of 8)

my very own bird print

the pool area at our hotel

my boys

the massage hut at our hotel

A view of the hotel plaza area at night, I took this photo from
the second floor, this was part of the Solaris Hotels.


  1. Wow, Rose! That looks like a wonderful vacation. Now you probably need a vacation to rest up before the daily grind hits! LOL :-) Rosie

  2. Rose, that looks like so much fun! Your pictures are stunning..especially of the water. While you were gone, I did a little post about a rooster and mentioned your is about 3 posts back.

  3. Rose, My Darlin', I am so happy that you all had such a beautiful setting for your holiday. Magnificent! And no one deserves the best of the best more than You, My Dear!

    I do hope that serenity and beauty did their work and restored you. And "welcome back!"

    I love You!

  4. Rose,

    That sure looks like a welcome break right about now. A vacation your boys will remember forever!


  5. Oh My I could sure use a trip like that. So glad your family had fun.

  6. Hi Rose,
    Just wanted to let you know that I have picked you and Penny, from Lavender Hill, as my second place winners. I decided to add a second place because there were so many good ones. I will do a painting with your title, Buttercup Manor soon and you will then get a card of that painting. Thanks!

  7. Oh My! Lookie at the color of that water! glad you had a good time. Hope you are all refreshed and ready to tackle the world. xo Lynn

  8. Oh Rose! Can I just say....WOW! What a gorgeous place to holiday! It looks like you had a wonderful time there with your dear family, and that's terrific! I was talking to one of my cousins yesterday and she was telling me that her oldest son is heading to Cancun with some of his mates for 10 days. How exciting for them too! Glad you're back sweetie, I've missed you!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  9. OK, officially jealous here! What a lovely time you had!


  10. Rose - it looks like you had a wonderful place to stay while visiting wonderful Cancun. I bet your boys had a ball. I'm sure it's hard to be back in the groove, after warm and wonderful :).

    Happy Spring - Karen

  11. What a wonderful vacation! I am so envious!! : )
    Loved each photo...such fun.