Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring Fever...

I have spring fever! I can feel it in my bones..... Ahhh this morning I came downstairs and the kitchen was sooo bright, sunshine was beaming through the french doors...and so that was my clue that spring is near. Since I was up early I thought I'd take down the snowflakes from the front window...and well I finally put my wooden snowman to bed....he was soooo tired! And so, we sit and wait, with anticipation - hurry spring, we're ready!

aaahhhh and the biggest clue...the basketball my boys left

on the lawn as they wait for the schoolbus....yes it's near

Please hurry!


  1. Ahh, Spring! Yes, hurry up - I just can't wait much longer! ~Adrienne~

  2. I'm with ya on the spring fever:-). I'm ready for the color of spring to bloom into action:-).
    Have a wonderful day!!

  3. Lucky you for the sunshine today...it is rainy and gray here....Hurry spring!

  4. Hello Rose
    You have a beautiful house!!!
    Summer is almost over here.... I love spring!!!

  5. Rose

    What a lovely home inside and out--you look ready for the great weather about to come! So homey here!



  6. This is NUTS!!! You have me anxious for spring ... and I am in FLORIDA for heaven's sakes!!! You do far too good a job at inspiration.

  7. I am so ready for Spring too. It felt like Spring here a few days ago. It was really nice for 2 days. I like your Spring decorations, cute. Have a good week Rose. love nita

  8. We just received another 6 inches of winter...with more on the way. This year, it appears, the groundhog wasn't too far off the mark. I am with you on wanting it to be Spring already.

  9. We are trying to get inspired by spring ourselves...we would love to link to your spring post...come on over!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  10. I am suffering from Spring Fever so bad! lol