Sunday, April 13, 2008

A few updates and stuff....

Happy Blessed Sunday All! I've had quite the week....lots of running around to do, so I haven't posted all week. So, I'll try not to ramble. Update on projects - painter called us to tell us he was behind, but assured us that we are next in line. Good thing because I have tortured myself trying to decide on a wall color for the guest room. The picture I showed you with the blue and white theme looks to have khaki walls in the background, so my plan was to do them khaki. THEN, I decided to contact Southern Living and ask for the color and bedding information because my curiosity would just not let me rest. UGH, to my surprise the magazine e-mailed me back with the color of the walls being Benjamin Moore, Norwich Brown. Ahhhh....I was so happy and content. So, I got home anxiously picking up my BM color deck and UGH - it's dark chocolate brown!!!! Norwich is DARK! Nooooo, that doesn't look like the picture, so I wrote back to the gal...there must be some mistake. She assured me that their resource page is always very accurate. So.....I imagined the room in my mind...over and over.....and then went back online to look at the photo, then noticed the description over to the right - yes indeed it said "Subtle Khaki" - well NORWICH IS NOT SUBTLE! Soooooo, I'm back to the khaki walls, and so I've decided without giving it any more thought - the walls will be Benjamin Moore's Lenox Tan - one of my favorite tans. So, we're done with that. Yep, I'm rambling.

Next, I found out that the bedding is a Jane Seymour set (Somerset Garden), of course it's discontinued now and nowhere to be found, but I was relentless I tell you, and I found the comforter online - yes ONLY the comforter, then I found fabric. And so my lovely sister is going to make me the shams with the fabrics I ordered that coordinate. WHY is this so difficult!!! And the armoire, I'm almost sure I'm going to paint it chocolate brown - so I'm open to any nice browns that you can throw my way please.

The closet doors are going away, and replaced with recessed panel doors that will be painted white like the crown molding. So, I'm getting there little by little, but since there is no activity going on in the room right now, well sorry no pics to share.

I do have a pic to share of the family room, not painted yet, but furniture in place and you can get an idea of how it looks. The colums are going to be painted the color of the kitchen cabinets, and new carpet in the room. I'll share photos once that's done.

I also picked up this Waverly valance last week
to put in my kitchen, and I just love it!

And Penny over at Lavendar Hill studio did a post
about one of my favorite pals here, and she
found a large one on ebay! Too cute!
I got mine at Williamsburg Marketplace if you're interested
I have a link to it over to the right of my blog
And last but not least, my latest plate finds,
aren't these sooooo cute? They have little birdies on them,
can you see the birdies?
They remind me of tart plates or are they tart plates?


  1. What an exciting time of "redo". Everything is going to be wonderful :-)

    BTW, I love following your avatar around blog world!. It looks like my little peep is following your rooster around :-) Rosie

  2. I heart your bird plates and columns. xo Lynn

  3. I was all set to "Oooo" and "Ahhh" over the columns ... then those plates!! Wonderful!

    Lovin' Ya ...

  4. Rose,
    Looks like your decorating projects are coming along well. I have been out of commission with a broken computer for the past three weeks, sorry to have been out of touch. I love everything your are doing.

  5. Love your fireplace and the plates are just too cute!

  6. Wow Rose, you have been a busy little bee this week! I absolutely can not wait to see the photo's of your guest room when it's done. It sounds like it's going to be gorgeous! Love the lay out of your dining/lounge area, and your son kicking back relaxing in the background is a nice touch! lol Those pie plates are beautiful, love them! Have a wonderful week Rose sweetie!

  7. What a Lovely Blog! I too have the little Rooster and have had him for quite a long time. He sits proudly in my kitchen. Im off to visit your home. Nice to meet you, Jamie

  8. Rose

    I am just going up and down adn up adn down your blog to catch up with all! Gosh, does your home look great! The curtains are lovely adn I am looking for something similar so I will be taking a look at the Williamsburg site right after here.

    Every decision you have made for your space makes it more cozy and comfy, what a great palce for your family! I am loving every single detail, dear lady!!


  9. Redecorating is such a big job but it's worth it - when it's all done! I can't wait to see your finished projects. Your guest room will be gorgeous. Just right for whoever you welcome to your home. ~Adrienne~

  10. So glad I stopped by. Love all your new things going on. I have been so busy working,but will try to stay caught up!

  11. Oh sounds like the good kind of frustration...the kind that rewards you so well at the end ;) I think your home is just beautiful and I can't wait to see the finished results!


  12. Hola Rose
    I love your cozy home....I would spend a lot of hours sitting there...

  13. You know that I love you! Remember that as you unwrap this little GIFT

    Remember! I love you!

    (sounds of big old clunky feet running away)

  14. Love the columns, can't wait to see the guest room when its finished!