Friday, January 11, 2008

Lookie here...

So, as promised I wanted to show you what I won at Cottage Magpie! Angela sews very well...I can tell by the quality of the pillow she made....and I had just the perfect spot for it. THANK YOU ANGELA!!!And...also enclosed in my package (oooo I just love packages), was a second pillow cover - I plan to use the white floral one in the summertime, it's so fresh looking. ANGELA you are much too generous! HUGS being sent your way! And don't forget to stop on over at Housepeepers for Janet's giveaway!

And well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I was out most of the day with mom and of course we stopped in at our local Marshall's. I headed straight to the clearance section because since November 2007 I've had my eye on this pilgrim fellow - and it was originally $49.99 - I really loved him, but not enough to pay fifty about 3 weeks ago, I ran into my girlfriend at Marshall's and well I took her back there to see if my pilgrim was still there...yep...he was there and now he was on clearance for 50% off...and my girlfriend told me to get him... Hmmmm...I told her that since he was still here he'd probably last a little while longer. Yep, my black top guy was standing there today, just waiting on me. I picked him up because the price was on the sole of his boot, and WHAT? He was marked down to $15.00, then the gal tells me he's half off of that! Oh my goodness I picked up my pilgrim and put him right in the cart. He's sooooooo wonderful, I just LOVE him! I will put him on my porch during harvest time, to greet our guests. I cannot wait to display him. He is a little over 3 feet tall, yep he's a really good size, and he's quite heavy too! Isn't he just wonderful? I put him here on my fireplace just to take a picture of him, but I'll wrap him up nice and safe until Fall. Boy, I love when I find a great bargain. So, his name is "Pilgrim" (I'm so original aren't I?) I wonder if he has a wife? I think I'll have to find him one...I've got all year to do so.

Here is the lovely pillow Angela made, it's just perfect on my bench in the foyer

This white pillow is so fresh, perfect for summer! Did I mention I'm missing summer?

Meet "Pilgrim." His black slacks are tucked in his boots. And the cutie
pie is my first born, I wanted you to see the scale of Pilgrim.
Look at this wonderful cape he is wearing, the detail is just beautiful! A couple of close ups - oooo I love him!
Ok, blogger friends, be on the lookout for his wife!
Call me if you find her!


  1. I'm on a Marshall's mission tomorrow with my daughter. I bought an iron 3 tiered plate rack at Target for $7.00 and think I need to buy 3 black transferware plates to sit on it. I shall look for Mrs. Pilgrim for you!

  2. Rose,
    Stop on over and enter my giveaway

  3. Great bargain! I'll keep my eyes open for his wife. But, I must say that your son is adorable. Thanks for the painting suggestion. I may put all the suggestions together into one painting.

  4. Tee hee! I'm so glad it fits your bench! It makes me so happy that you're happy with it! Now I want to see a wider view so I can see the rest of your entryway! I bet it's fabulous!
    ~Angela :-)

  5. Those pillows are beautiful and your pilgrim will be perfect on your porch. I'll be on the lookout for his wife, "Patti" Pilgrim. Maybe two kid pilgrims, Penelope and Peter.

  6. Sorry, no Mrs. Pilgrim at the Evansville Marshall' the new header!

  7. That pillow is really pretty and girl you got a good bargain with your pilgrim. Don't ya love it when patience pays off, LOL.

    Hugs - karen

  8. You have all of the luck. If I waited that long, it would have been gone, and then I would have been devastated (well maybe not devasted). The girls loved your pilgrim and the picture of your son. Don't pack him away too soon the girls want to see him. I hope you enjoyed your day of pampering and time spent with your mom. I was envious of you well I was stuck at work. See you soon!

  9. Great buy Rose. He's fabulous but I like that little cutie next to him better. :)

  10. What a bargain on Pilgrim!! I love the pillow from Angela...just lovely.
    p.s. I am having a giveaway...stop by!

  11. Hello Rose
    What a beautiful pillow!!! I love it ( and I also like the 2 pillow covers)
    Your son is so cute!!!!
    Kisses to you my dear