Friday, February 1, 2008

Decorating Advice?

One of our fellow bloggers is redecorating her home from scratch and is looking for decorating advice. Hmmmm....I'm no decorating expert that's for sure, but I guess I do have an opinion on the way I like to decorate my own home. First of all, I do think that there is a right and wrong way to decorate, and I bite my tongue as I say that - ha! Sooooo, I've been thinking about this and here is my own personal opinion on the subject - and a very humble opinion at that. But that's what my blog is for right? To express my opinion? HA! So here goes....

I believe that you should start with all of your "main" items, you know the long-term more expensive items, like your bedroom set, your dining room set, and more expensive "anchor" pieces I like to call....and select timeless, classic, traditional pieces of furniture. I look at my own home, and I like to pick furniture that I believe will still look great 10 years from when I purchased it. I think that "traditional" style is a classic. You can then make it more formal or casual by the pieces you bring in to accessorize your space. For example....I have cherry queene anne style furniture in my dining room, I also love the french country look, so I can change my room just by adding toile pillows to my arm chairs, or plaid and toile drapery to the windows...and there you have the french country look in that room. But my "anchor" pieces remain in see what I mean?

So, I did some browsing for pieces that I think are "classic" and would all work well in the same home...even though some are wood pieces mixed with painted pieces, and a little country flair and cottage charm, but essentially "traditional." I can picture all of these pieces under the same roof, and they would complement each other nicely. And last but not least, choose pieces you "LOVE" that you are attracted too, but make sure they complement your anchor pieces, and you can't go wrong. And my pet peeve - steer clear of "trendy" pieces when it comes to your anchor pieces.

So in summary, choose classic pieces for your more expensive ticket items "anchors" and add your own flair whether it be country, cottage charm, your accessories. And one more very important thing to remember - LIGHTING - lamps...lamps....lamps.... there is something about lamp lighting that makes a space inviting. I do not care for overhead lighting and especially flourescent lighting, so I have lots and lots of lamps; for example in my basement, I NEVER turn on the overhead lighting, I just do not like how it makes me feel. And I'm not a fan of "torch" lamps (you know the kind that send the light up to the ceiling), I think that lighting going up to the ceiling is harsh in a room, so I am careful on what type of lamps I put in my rooms. Sooooo, that's my personal take on decorating....

Make it your own by picking a color scheme that is dear to your heart and that reflects your own personality.


  1. Ooooh, I just love all the pieces you have chosen! I've been in love with that chunky black bed forever. We were fortunate enough to have received much of our furniture from my parents, and I have loved wing chairs since I was a little girl. And I would absolutely love to have a set of Windsor chairs like the ones you pictured, or a set of Hancock chairs!

  2. I agree with Mary ( I always agree with Mary) that the pieces you have chosen are beautiful and classic! My furniture has been garnered over the years, so I've never been a "suite" person. Please note the double entendre here, LOL. But I do love classic pieces that can be tweaked over the years with accessorizing.

    My 2 cents.

  3. I think you've got some solid advice here. A mix is almost always more interesting in a room - than everything being matchy poo, but that's just my opinion and it's not worth very much, LOL.

    Hugs - Karen

  4. Thank you for this wonderful post. I've taken note of your great advice here sweetie. If only you lived Gorgeous photo's too! I hope you have a terrific weekend!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  5. Hello Rose
    Great advice!!!
    I will take your ideas for decorating my house when i start it!!!
    Que tengas un hermoso fin de semana

  6. I love all of the items in the pictures you posted. And I think you offered very sound advice!

  7. Hi Rose, I just discovered your blog today and I've enjoyed reading your decorating post. That is how I buy furniture actually, I want big pieces that will last and transition well if my taste changes a bit. Too expensive to keep buying the big stuff over and over again.

  8. Hi there! Just checking in. I have not had much time to blog this week and I have missed it so much. Hope all is well with you and I will check back later to catch up.

  9. Rose,
    I love all your suggestions and totally agree. Thank you for your continued encouragement for Aaron.

  10. How lovely...I always ask myself if I can live with a piece for at least ten years, can I really stare at it that long? If yes, it comes home...if not, it stays! Because really, it's yours everyday and you do have a relationship with it, right??