Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Decor Finds....

Happy Sunday all! So, I've been quite the busy beaver this weekend. Hubby took me out for a nice steak dinner after work on Valentine's, and as we were driving home we noticed signs in the window of Walter E. Smithe announcing their annual "floor sample" sale. If you don't have this furniture store in your area, it's considered a fine furniture store where you can custom order your furniture, and they have some beautiful pieces. We aren't in the market for new furniture, but I like to stop in once in a while for a refill on inspiration.

The sale items had green tags I gravitated to anything "green" :)...immediately I spotted some bird prints...and you know how I've been wanting some bird prints don't you? So, hubby and I see green and walk over to check the price. Gulp....each of these prints were marked at $249.50 - yikes....ok step away now.....but then I noticed the one at the very top of this set of 3 was marked at $24.50. Hubby tells me it's a mistake, whoever made up the tag must have forgotten to add the 9...hmmmmmmm.......I call the designer who offered her help over to the prints, and politely asked "is this a misprint" - she narrows in on the price and responds that this print must have been on the floor longer than the others and that's why it's priced this low.....huh? It was identical to the other two how could that be I'm thinking....but I didn't say anything. I told her that I would take it! I continue on my hunt....with my eye on plates, checking every nook and cranny...and lurking in every buffet and glass cabinet where I could spy plates......

I found some lovely bird plates....they look like a bird nest. These were marked $25.00 each plate...I got them each for $5. Then I found these lovely white plates that were each $20....I got them for $3. The red plate with the birds.....was from $68...I got it for $6. And sooooo I was one happy girl! By the time I was done, I walked out of there with 9 plates and my bird print....all at a bargain. Don't you just love a great bargain?

So, hubby and I are ready to check out...winded...but so proud of ourselves :)...when I spotted a rug for under our kitchen table. You have to realize that I've been looking for the "right" area rug....ooooo let's say pretty much for about a full year now....and when I spotted this one....well I had to have it. The colors were just perfect with my kitchen. I wish you could see this rug in's really a beauty. had a green tag too. Original price was $900 - I got it for 70% off....

A few photos of my bargain bonanza. I hope this means I'm going to have a great week!

a closeup...I really want to show you the color and detail

my plates and bird print
remember the red plates I got at Marshalls....I found cream ones too!

closeup of the bird print....the frame & matting are gorgeous

one of the white plates in oval
here is where I decided to hang the nest plates
next to the photo of my own babes...

This is the red plate I got for $6

the red plates from Marshall's with a cream one in between sis found me this platter at TJMaxx for $3...


I knew I needed something on each side of the prints....plates!
Phew....I think I'm done plate shopping for a while, glad I could share all of my bargains with you. I wish you all a peaceful Sunday.


  1. Wow, I need to shop with you. You found some great deals. And the rug......well, such a great find. We don't have that store here, I don't think.
    I have not shopped much since I went back to work. Mainly my TJ Maxx trips since it's 4 miles from work.
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. What a great haul! I especially love all the plates and the tray :-) Have a Great Sunday......Rosie

  3. WOW Rose! WOW! That's all I could say as I was reading your post! lol You did GREAT and got some gorgeous things! I'll go shopping with you anyday sweetie! The rug does look perfect for your kitchen, exquisite details in it too. I just love your home, it's stunning, really really beautiful. I do have a question though, in the 2nd last photo, near the coffee maker, is that a teeny tiny lamp and shade plugged into the power socket? I have never seen them here and I now really want one! How cool is that! lol Well I know you had a great weekend, so I'll wish you a happy Monday sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  4. You go Girl! You did good!! Don't you love it when you find a bunch of great deals in one day? It's like serendipity. Happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Love the bird nest plate. ~ Lynn

    P.S. I love your music.

  5. You are quite the bargain shopper. Love the plates and the rug!

  6. Rose

    I love this sharing of bargains...not only did you get great buys (drool, drool) but you also put them in the best places! I loved the tour and thanks for taking me along!

  7. You got some great deals! The rug is perfect. I can see why you had to have it. Thanks for sharing your finds with us. ~Adrienne~

  8. Rose, your home is so beautiful. You are a kind and loving person to comment on my site. Your words help my heart so much. May I add you to my blog roll? love nita

  9. **Shhhh!**
    You are invited to a SURPRISE BLOGGY BIRTHDAY PARTY for kari this Wednesday, Feb 20.
    She is turning 40!!!

    I would love for you to stop by the party on Wednesday to surprise (hopefully!) the birthday girl, enjoy a bite of cake, sprinkle a little of your magic birthday dust, and check out the party favor giveaway!


  10. You did great! I love all your finds and new treasures!

    Happy Tuesday!


  11. Woohooo! What great bargains you found! Everything is just perfect for your home.

  12. Rose,
    What great finds and I love how your have arranged everything. The rug in your eating area is so beautiful and matches everything so well.

  13. Hello Rose
    I'm back
    Estuve de vacaciones en el mar....
    Quería pasar a dejarte un beso y a decirte que tu casa está preciosa.

  14. WOWZERS girl you got some great bargains and I LOVE them. How come I can never hit stores at the right time like that. Bargains avoid me, LOL. LOVE the rug and it looks great with the table. Isn't it fun when you find just what your looking for, even though maybe it took a year. It was worth the wait.

    Hugs - Karen

  15. Rose,
    It is me again. I just wanted to personally stop by and thank you for all your prayers and to let you know that the Doctors told Angie today that Friday Aaron would be able to go home. Praise God and thank you so much for your support.