Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today was the first day of school - yeah! Back to some order and routine for my boys. We had a wonderful summer, but they were sooooo excited to start school today, that they could hardly fall asleep last night. After dinner we packed the backpacks, then we went upstairs and picked out what they would wear this morning. I'm glad to see that they are finally taking some pride in their appearance ha! We had the clothes ready at the foot of their bed with shoes, socks, undies, belt and all. They got up early, dressed, ate, and put on cologne - can you believe they want to wear cologne already? I took the day off to be home as they only have 1/2 day of school today.

THEN....we all went outside and got them all posed and ready for pictures and my camera batteries were DEAD! UGH, I was so upset. I ran to the neighbors who let me borrow her camera so I wasn't able to get a snapshot of my younger boy with my camera. I managed to find some new batteries, and so I took pictures of my older son with his best friend who lives across the street, and who takes the later bus as he has moved on to middle school. I told our bus driver Donna to keep them in line on the bus, and she gave me the "thumbs up". She's been our bus driver since our boys started school, so it's comforting to know they are safe with her.

OK to change the subject - does anybody know what kind of tree I have in my front yard? Is this a crab apple tree? It gives of beautiful pink flowers in the spring, and look at all of the red berries that are on it right now.

Mr. M in the green chatting with his best friend and our neighbor whose family is from Jordan. This is an especially happy day for Mr. M - as his best friend attended a Muslim school all last year, and has come back to join my son this year, so they are so happy to be back together!

Mr. M wrapping a roll of gum - he's so proud he's allowed to chew gum in class now because they are mature and know that they are to throw it in the trash when done - umm RIGHT...

Bye sweetie, have a good first day!

And this is the tree - is this a crab apple tree? It's sooooo pretty!

Alright, I better take advantage of this free time alone at home. I'll have my cup of coffee and watch Oprah. Wishing you all a wonderful week!


  1. oh,I know all about that alone time at's so peacful...then if it last to long it gets lonley. Enjoy your time.
    That is a beautiful tree! Nancy

  2. It is always bittersweet when they head back to school!
    Gload you got a few pictures. Great looking guys! (Your son and his buddy)
    I hope they have a great school year!

    That is a beautiful tree. I have no idea what it is. WE were told our tree in front was a crab apple. It has ;lovely white blossoms in Spring but no berries.


  3. I like the picture of your red brick house and that tree. Well at least you have a digital camera! My son's broke thus we have nothing to use.

  4. What a wonderful day for back to school! This is the first year I haven't had to do it, and can honestly say I am relieved.
    The tree does look like it could be a crabapple for sure. Looks incredibly healthy too, they make incredible jelly!

  5. Saw you on another blog comment..enjoyed stopping your mantle! Hope your boys have a great Year!
    Sandy Toes at