Monday, June 9, 2008

Garage Sale Treasures....

Well we had our subdivision garage sale on Saturday, like we have every year that we've lived in the neighborhood, and usually it's a great success but since we've moved to this house we're on a street that is tucked in the middle of the neighborhood, and not very busy. So....I didn't do well at all! But, I did take a little while to go do some shopping of my own, and I wanted to share the treasures that I found. A lady around the corner was selling some needlepoint pieces that her aunt had made many years ago, and she had so many of them it was time for her to get rid of some of them. I loved them the minute I picked them up, and I could tell it was hard for her to sell them. But I assured her that they would be displayed proudly in my home no worries. First, I picked up the one with the single flower, then I went back and picked up three more. I hung the thin banners in my kitchen on each of the doors. They are beautifully lined, and the hardware is brass. The thin banners even have a tiny bell at the bottom, sooooo beautiful! They were made in 1977 and 1978 and her intials were BG.

I also found these two traditional double candlestick lamps - yes both for $15 - and don't they just look great on the sides of the fireplace?! Though my own garage sale was not a success, I certainly am happy I took the time to walk around and find these treasures. I'm also sharing a snapshot of the set of plates I found at TJ Maxx, they are four and all different. Oh how I love plates!


  1. Did you happen to find any Haviland china?

  2. Maybe you didn't make much money but you got some good finds!

  3. I love the lamps! I went to a neighborhood (not mine) sale before the wedding I attended on Saturday...found a few treasures, but nothing like the lamps you found.

  4. I love those needlepoint pieces hanging on the doors - what treasures...and the think of the love, time and contentment that went into each one - things like that have a history - I love them!!!

  5. Really great finds Rose.
    Wishing you a happy Wednesday..
    xoxo Nita

  6. Absolutely love the lamps. I almost never get to treasure hunt anymore (work takes all the fun out of living). I visited another blog today. The blogger found some wonderful vintage fabric at a yard sale. I know, I'm whining, just can't seem to stop;)

  7. Very nice, I also love the plates. They lady looks like she did a great job with her stitching too.

  8. Hi Rose
    Wonderful pieces!!!
    I hope you are having a wonderful week

  9. What wonderful needlepoint pieces...I love neighborhood garage sales. I haven't been to one in years...

  10. Nothing could possibly be more perfect than those lamps in those spots. What a find (and bargain!) I would count the event as a complete success.

    Lovingly ...

  11. i am not 100% certian but i think the bell pulls are by the danish company eva rosensand/clara waever they came in kit form and were quite pricey.