Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Special Day for My Babe...

So let me tell you about tonight. My boys who are on the same little league team had a night game today. It was scheduled for 8pm. But it was an extra special night because my younger boy's teacher came out to watch the game with her hubby tonight. Oh when she got to the stands I greeted her with the biggest smile, because I know what a wonderful memory this will be for my little guy. What a special gesture for a school teacher to come out and watch her students. I can't tell you how much my son was anticipating her being in the stands to cheer him on. And well I was so happy for him, and I told her how much it meant to all of us for her to come. Of course I was quite loud when she arrived, and so one of the kids went running to the dugout screaming "A's teacher is here....A's teacher is here!" So it was a big deal. How sweet huh? So, of course being a good blogger that I am, I was snapping pictures left and right...someone thought it was lightening out...haaaa! Then it did begin to lightening out, so they called the game. So, A's teacher told me she'll come to his make-up game to watch him play. So, my baby had a wonderful evening tonight, and I'm grateful for teachers like his. And tomorrow is their last day of school - they are excited and sad at the same time...and now I know why.

Mr. A's teacher and hubby watching the game

Mr. A and his teacher - oh and that's my mom in the background


  1. That was such a nice thing for his teacher to do!


  2. Rose,

    Thanks for stopping by; I have missed you.


  3. What a special thing for your son's teacher to do. He will remember this all his life. She must be an amazing person. Thanks for sharing your blessed event.
    I have so enjoyed your blog. Nice to meet you.
    la rea rose

  4. Rose - what a wonderful woman!! wish there were more teachers lik her - I know Mr. A was about to burst with pride!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. What am amazing lady she must be! And your son is so lucky to have this experience! How beautiful, I have tears in my eyes.

  6. Lovely pictures Rose!!!
    Yes, that teacher is great!!!


  7. What a lovely post, there are so many kind people in the world, aren't there?

    I love that photo - it speaks volumes!

  8. That is so wonderful that "A"'s teacher came to his game! You don't find teachers like that much anymore...

  9. What a wonderful memory he will have. She is a special lady, for sure. ~Adrienne~

  10. Did she go to U.K.? Well, honey then no wonder she's all right!
    Go Cats!

    God bless!

  11. That is so sweet of her to come to their game.
    xoxo Nita

  12. It is always special when a child sees their teacher 'out of context' all have been having some wicked weather up there, haven't you?

  13. What a great teacher he has! We've had two rain/storm outs so far this season.

  14. I dare say that there is no conceivable way for more happiness to be registered on a child's face. What a wonderful moment and memory!

    Thank you Rose, for this look at what makes life a rich and wonderful experience. The grace and character of this Teacher is revealed, not only in your lovely account, but in her radiant face.

    I do love you, Dear Friend!


  15. Rose, Thank you for your concern and the hope you send me..
    Sending you much love, Nita