Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Won the Carpet Fight...

Phew...where do I begin. I haven't been keeping up with my blog lately. I have been busy with work, life, and home. We had a busy weekend. My sister and her family came in from out of town this past weekend, and a girlfriend from Vegas was in town. So we hosted a small gathering at home with old friends. Always a great time to be with old friends isn't it? Other than I felt like all I did was cook and clean, well I truly enjoyed our time together, and we did order pizza for the gathering, so I cheated that time.

On the homefront, yes I won my carpet battle with Lowes. Well...honestly it wasn't a battle, I called and told them that the color was horrid, and that there had to be a mistake. So, they asked for a sample of the carpet...and we waited. Well, today I checked the messages after work, and there was a voicemail from them telling me that the manufacturer agrees that the color was defective, and that I could come in and pick out a different carpet. Thank you Jesus! See...I wasn't losing my mind or my eyesight, I knew something wasn't right!

The guestroom enjoyed its first guests, and they tell me that it was so cozy and inviting....even though the room isn't complete yet. I know, get off my butt right?! I'll get there. A few things to share with you in the guest room. First, the lovely shutter panels that my sister made for me with the matching fabric to the comforter. She did a terrific job, I was so happy with the result. As we speak she is working on panels for the windows in a coordinating fabric too, if you're reading this sis, no pressure - really! more pictures until I get those panels up, and a new chair for the room. Hopefully it won't be too much longer, and we can call that project done.

Also, we have a huge deck in the backyard that needs some TLC, years have really wore out a lot of the floor boards. So, we started to tackle that project as well. We had a big part of the deck boards replaced, and are hoping to get the rest done later this summer. Next year we'll tackle the boards all the way around the pool. It took 2 guys three full days to change out the boards, and they tell me it was HARD work. But they did a great job, and I'm really happy with the turnout.

And since the weather can't make up it's mind, I decided to put out the front porch furniture. A little mismatch, but oh well. It's done and we can enjoy sitting on the porch when it's nice out, which we did a lot of over the weekend when sis was visiting. Happy Birthday to my two beautiful sisters who are celbrating their birthday's in May. One on the 24th, and the other on the 31st!
Ok, so that's pretty much it for now. I have a book report to proofread for my 10 year old before I hit the sack. I promise to be over to chat with all of you soon. Sorry I've been a bad blogger friend lately. Hugs!
Look at these beautiful Spode plates I ordered for the guest room. It's a set of 6 and part of the Blue Room Collection by Spode. They are just beautiful. Can't wait to hang them!
And here are the shutter panels my sister made. Ok, now these are adorable!
Here is a snapshot of the deck. You can see most of the main level was replaced, and
that corner area on the second level. That's where the boys run and jump into the pool
And the entire area where we have our patio furniture is new too,
boy does it make a huge difference!
And a couple pics of the front porch with the summer furniture out and ready for some warm summer days! Stop on over, we can sit a chat and drink a glass of lemonade.

We'll chat again soon my friends!


  1. It's all coming together Rose - and looking great.

    Hope you are getting some rest this week - and soon you'll be lounging in the sun on that new deck - lovely!

  2. Hi Rose, Those panels your sister did are just beautiful! What a sweet gal!

  3. I love those shutters - I have shutters like that in my kitchen with the little slats and I HATE them - I was thinking about replacing with blinds - but I just love the fabric.
    Your summer porch is very inviting!!

  4. Rose, the panels your sister sewed will be something you always cherish. That was so sweet of her.
    I love the plates for the guest room.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Sending you love, Nita

  5. Hola Rose
    I love your house!!!
    I haven't been in blogland very often lately..But I wanted to say hello and tell you that I didn't forget you!!!
    I didn't have time to update my own blog either....
    Have a wonderful weekend !!!

  6. I have a set of the Spode plates and then they started selling them at Marshalls and I got several more. I love the blue background one the best.

    I've missed you; hope you have more time for blogging soon.


  7. Hi Rose, Long see. I know what you mean about life getting in the way of our blogging. :) Have missed you. Hope to see you soon. Your home remodel projects are looking super. ~ Lynn

  8. Happy Birthday to both of your sweet sisters! The shutter panels one of your sisters made are just gorgeous, she did a fantastic job! Your home and porch look very lovely and inviting Rose, as always sweetie. I'm happy to hear that you got the carpet sorted out to your liking too! Have a great weekend sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  9. Hi Rose
    I am having a front porch party and wanted to invite you to join in the fun. Please stop by and see what it's all about.

  10. I love what you love, please stop by and see my rooster and chicken post...I just got done looking at all of your rooster things! Love them all! What a great blog, I am really enjoying it all, thanks for making such a beautiful place to visit!!!

    So glad you will get the carpet you wanted, instead of trying to make one you hate work! You go girl!
    Donna Lynn

  11. Hi Rose
    I am so excited that you're going to join the party. It's going to be a lot of fun. See you Thursday, Rhondi

  12. Hi Rose!
    Wow, you have been busy! I am so glad you won the carpet war!! YEAH!!

    Your quest room is coming together so lovely. Those spode plates are perfect and the panels amazing!!

  13. Where did your sister get that fabric? I would love that for my kitchen re-do.

    Congrats on winning the carpet battle with Lowes. I hope you find just what you're looking for this time!

  14. Yay! I am glad you won your carpet fight!

    Real life does get in the way of blogging time doesn't it? HA! I love both but real life wins for sure :-)

  15. I like the plates.

    Seriously. You can hardly/never find such pieces in Malaysia.

  16. I love the blue and white transferware and toile. I'm a huge fan of both. Also...I've got a plaque hanging in my family room with the same rooster as your Title photo. I adore roosters!

  17. Can't wait to see the finsihed room. Those plates are gorgeous!! I have them in red and they are wonderful aren't they? The panels are a WOW!!
    Your entire home is so pretty and special.