Saturday, October 13, 2007

And the Roosters Continue......

Well, as I said before - my sister Martha and I have quite the I put her to the challenge! Ha - and without any further ado.....the roosters continue...

This is her kitchen cabinet knobs....ok now who's got the fetish??? are no roosters here, but look at those beauties!

And if you visit Classic've already seen my post about counting your blessings if you still have your mom....and in that same breath...if you have sisters....well COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS again. I have two lovely sisters, ...each of us different in our own way, but yet so similar. All of us enjoy making our homes our havens...and it's such a joy to share all of the wonderful things we find. I've been known to call them from a shop if I see something that I know would go well in their homes.....yes I've been accused of making them spend some money, but it's all in good faith you know! :) Yes, sisters are a blessing....and I am thankful each day to have them...


  1. Hi Rose,
    I'd be LOST without my sister - I'm so glad you have two special sisters to go through life with.


  2. Okay that red chair is too yummy!!! Love it :)