Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Goodbye Sweet Summer....Goodbye.....

This morning the temperature gauge in my SUV was showing a chilly 53 degrees....burrr....I should have known when my blanket was not keeping me warm this morning as I woke for the day. And....can you believe that my darling vincas have survived this long? Wow, they are my top pic for the year that's for sure!!! Here is a snapshot of them, they look soooo hardy I can't bare to pull them out. Hmmm they don't quite match with my Fall ribbon, but tell me would you have the heart to pull those beauties? I suppose I will leave them in until the frost gets them, then I won't have the guilt to go along....ha! Well my friends, I wish you a wonderful...peaceful day. Thanks for stopping in today. And thank you for your kind e-mails, I'm really enjoying my new blog!

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