Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh Santa...plates please...

uh - these need no explanation! Roosters...roosters...roosters....

oooo love these 12 days of Christmas plates....they are just soo pretty!
AND....I adore these doggy plates....I would love them for my family room! ooooo I love them!
someone please stop me!

Oooo I was just sitting here browsing through some of my favorite home websites...and I found the most adorable plates....they are just too pricey, and I won't be able to splain to I'll plead to Santa...and maybe....just maybe....he'll add them to my list. I've been so good Santa - ha! I first found the 12 days of Christmas plates and oooooo I was sooo excited - ha! Yes lovely plates like these really make me happy!


  1. OH! I love the rooster plates!!! I want them too! Ohhhh Santa.................. :-)

  2. I just love these. I'll admit I am crazy about dinnerware. I wish I had room to store it all. I have several sets in the attic and it's hard to get to them when I want them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh the rooster plates are too cute! Plus, honestly, I'm jealous that you're already on plates. I'm still touching up the paint in the living room! Yipes!
    ~Angela :-)

  4. Oh, you are a girl after my own heart -- I love those plates, too! :)

  5. I'm another plate/chinaholic!! I have several sets of favorite plates which I mix with my every day white Mikasa 'French Countryside' which is a great traditional pattern.

    Next week I'm taking the tour of Replacements - the biggest china repository in the world!!! If you're missing/have broken a piece they usually have it - plus their showroom makes you want to buy even more - it's fabulous!

  6. Plates are always at the top of my list too! The black toile are absolutely beautiful. My paint room is black toile.

  7. oh those doggy plates are absolutely darling! Santa????

  8. I was delighted you stopped by my blog and I hope you'll visit often. Now about those plates! Yummy..all of them. I want all of them. No way to choose just one. :) Lynn

  9. Oh those plates are so so so cute!!! The rooster ones are my favorites - just adorable!