Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Make a difference...

Did you know? -- About 12 million American families last year worried that they couldn't afford to buy food, and 32 percent of them actually experienced someone going hungry at one time or another, according to the Agriculture Department. Pretty sad statistic right? And you're probably wondering why I posted this.

Well....today while I was working, I received a note from a member of the Town Council for the town where I live. He extended an invitation for me to fill an empty seat on the Board of Directors for the Civic Fund of our town, a non-for-profit all volunteer organization dedicated to providing temporary assistance to residents of our town who are in need. First of all, I have never sat on any Board of Directors seats...and geez all I can say is what an honor. I was recommended because when Katrina hit our country, my husband and I went out and distributed over 350 flyers in our neighborhood asking for donations. Well...if you would have seen the overwhelming response from our neighbors.... it would move you to tears. Our garage was filled to the brim with cases of diapers, cans of food, toiletries, and so much more. And the one that touched my heart the most was a middle aged white man who backed his truck onto my driveway...and guess what? He went to Kohl's Department store and cleared the sale racks....yep he had stacks of clothing sorted by size for children. As I was thanking him, he stopped me and said "Oh I'm not done", then he opened up the back seat and out came cases of diapers, cases of baby formula, and wipes. Yes, people have huge hearts - and it's a reminder that we can all take part to help others, no matter how small the gesture. My family all helped me organize the items and label them in boxes, and we drove 3 SUV's filled with items over to our police department and watched the trucks with all of our goods take off to help those in New Orleans. That my friends was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. So, yes I accepted the honor and I intend to take my role very seriously, and will do all I can to help others in need.

So at this time of gratitude and abundance for most of us - let us remember those less fortunate than us. And as the song goes...Everybody's Someone!

Today I am thankful for all that I have in my life. We are truly blessed.

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  1. Rosa - thank you for reminding us how important it is to remember to give to the food banks or organizations that help feed people who are in need. Let's all give generously this Thanksgiving!