Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dreamscapes Take Two...

Happy Monday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Eva from Evansville, Indiana!!!! Well I've been inspired this week and I suppose I'll make this week an art showcase, ha! I'll share all of my favorite artists with you and their amazing work. Geez....I'd love to open up a shop and sell all of these amazing works of art....but where will I find the time and money?! Ooooo these are so beautiful! Ok, I think I just talked myself into a bathroom redo - HA!

These prints are the amazing work of artist Arnie Fisk. I have only one of his pieces in my home.

And today I am thankful for my beautiful boys...who are such a blessing in my life. I just love them and they love me back!

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  1. Just wonderful! I've really enjoyed all of the artists work that you have shared! Such talent they all have!