Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New York Trip...

Home sweet home we are.... Glad to be back, and we had a fabulous time in New York City as expected! The weather was great, the hotel was wonderful, and the game was spectacular. My older son was mesmerized, and never once left his seat during the entire game -- later he told us that the whole time he was announcing the entire game in his mind!!!

On our way home, we took our time. We drove through Philadelphia and made a stop at Phillie's Stadium. It was a baseball vacation I suppose. And you can imagine how much the boys enjoyed this trip! I managed to make several sandwiches in the car like mom used to make, and my boys requested we stop for "picnic" every so often. It was just great!

Nothing new on the homefront, still waiting for my family room carpet to be replaced. Never a dull moment I tell ya! Looking forward to the nice long weekend. Plans to spend it at my sister's house on Friday, then we'll have some family over on Saturday. Weather seems to be looking up! I've certainly missed you all, but I must tell ya, I've been one busy lady. Glad to be home, and hope to catch up with all of you really soon! A few pics to share.

Phillie's Stadium was closed, but we found two very nice gentlemen who work there who were gracious enough to let us in to see it. That was a nice treat!

This was taken outside of Phillie's Stadium

We spent an afternoon in Central Park, it's just beautiful!

Carriage Rides at Central Park - we didn't take one Yankee Stadium after the game
My handsome boys at Yankee Stadium after the crowd cleared out!
Notice they are sporting Yankee gear that we risked our lives
to find in a sport shop in the heart of the Bronx.
HA - it wasn't that bad.
Home of the New York Giants
Inside of the stadium - the night was perfect!
Here is our hotel - Doubletree in Fort Lee, just minutes
from Yankee Stadium
Some shots of downtown NYC - you have to be there to
experience the vibe!

Jeter - hummaaannnaaa

Right before game time
AROD - hummaannaaa


  1. What a great trip! Your boys will never forget it. You have some fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing with us. ~Adrienne~

  2. Where did you stay? We are going there in September for a game.


  3. Hello Rose
    Glad you are back !!!
    You must have had a lot of fun!!!
    Love the pictures of your kids.

  4. It does, indeed, look like a great time. I am so happy that you all made such wonderful 'deposits' into the treasury of memories.

    Lovingly ...

  5. I found you by way of Very Berry Nice. What a fun trip to N.Y. I enjoyed looking at all your pics. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ok - just found your blog & loved the NY pictures. I had to show my son, who is a huge Yankees fan - he was very jealous.

    I'll definitely be back.

  7. We live right near NYC, there definetely is a ibe! I am so glad you had a great time!

  8. Hi Rose,
    Looks like you had a great trip in the Big Apple. Our family loves NYC to but we don't get there much any more.

  9. Oh my GOSH!!! Rose sweetie that was a fantastic tour of NY and about as close as I will ever get to it! Oh how I would love to go there one day! It looks like you and your gorgeous family had a terrific time and I'm really happy to hear that. Wishing you have a wonderful week sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)