Friday, July 25, 2008

Cancer Causing Countertops....

Are you kidding me? Have you all heard the latest news reports that granite counter tops can pose a cancer risk? WHAT? Yes, they are natural stones that emit radiation and radon, higher levels found in more exotic stones. Ok, this is insane. You can't tell paranoid Rose this kind of news and expect me to sit and just laugh or shake it off. Not when I've got two beautiful angels living in my house! So, yes I ordered the radon testing kit, in fact I ordered two of them, one for the kitchen and another one to check the basement. Husband sitting by nervously because HE KNOWS that if they are loaded with this stuff what is going to happen. So, he's quiet yesterday as I am telling him what I read, then starts laughing at me telling me I'm nuts. AND as I am telling him the report comes on the tv. Shhhhh he says, raise the volume....haaaaa! So, after hearing the news report he turns to me and says (voice quivering), "So, what are your plans if our counters are radioactive?" - Haaaa, rip them out of course what do you expect - (DUH I'm thinkin)? I respond. Have you ever seen real fear on a grown man's face? Yep, he had that look. Relax I said, you won't have to do it, we'll have the new countertop people pull it out. Um, that didn't change the look, or the dollar signs that reflected from his enormous pupils. So, tell me how could such beauty cause cancer? What next?

Boy, I'm really going to miss you!


  1. I have heard the reports, but are they accurate?
    I guess we go to marble..
    Sending you love, Nita
    Love the song..

  2. Those counter tops are far too lovely to be hazardous for you, at least I hope so...Gosh, a gal can't get a break on anything anymore. Just when you think its safe, here comes something else. Crossing my fingers they aren't!

  3. Let me know what the test show..I have granite too...yikes!

  4. I expect my DH is the happiest man around right now :)...I've been waffling back & forth between granite and not-granite since we moved in here 2 1/2 years ago! (the kitchen was just redone and there is a nice laminate that looks like granite...from a I have a hard time justifying ripping it out!)

    oh, and it is supposedly some of the more exotic/unusual granites that come from, hmmmm, can't remember...was it Brazil and...well, can't remember...

    I hope your countertops test out fine...what a shame to have to pull them out!

    you can bet if I do ever make the Granite Call, I'll be in the yard at the granite slab place with my little radon tester thingie :)

  5. You've got to be kidding me!!! PLEASE let us know how the test comes out. Nancy

  6. Oh, I have got to know how this turns out!

    Love your sense of humor, just found you today, nice to meet you:)

  7. Wow, how do you test them? It seems as though everything can cause cancer now. Plastic's, cell phones and now counter tops. Yikes!

  8. Oh Rose, that is unbelievable! I love this:

    "Husband sitting by nervously because HE KNOWS that if they are loaded with this stuff what is going to happen. "
    --Too funny in tragi-comedy way! Let us know how it tests out!

  9. Rose,
    You are kidding me? Like every body else said, please let us know how your test turns out. I'm almost ashamed to admit that if it turns out to be true I will be doing the happy dance because though I like the lighter granites like yours I would not be sad to have to get rid of my dark granite counter tops that are such a pain to maintain. The least little drop of water makes the biggest mess.

  10. Golly Rose, I hadn't heard this bit of distressing news. Tell me it ain't so. Please keep us updated. When my DIL had cancer last Fall so much info. was thrown at us as to what not to use in your home. It was and still is very confusing. I am going to try your Pita Chicken tonite!

  11. Oh my goodness! I haven't heard anything about this, luckily I don't have granite counter tops. I would be replacing too if the story turns out to be accurate! Wishing you a wonderful week Rose!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  12. Rose,

    I suspect that any radon you have in your home is from the ground and probably not from the counters. Here in New England we are loaded with radon and almost all homes are tested before they are sold. It is far cheaper to install a radon mitigation system (basicly a fan under the basement or foundation that pulls the radon up and out thru a vent on the side of the house) than to replace countertops. The systems here usually are less than $1k and I am sure your counters were more. Just a free service from your friendly cyber Realtor.