Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jim Brickman Holiday Homecoming Concert...

Well....I have to share this wonderful story and music with you. For those of you who never heard of Jim Brickman....well let me tell you that you are certainly missing out on some lovely...lovely melodies. Yesterday evening was my office Christmas Party, we were taken to dinner and a show. And this is the first time I've ever listened to Brickman....all I can say is WOW. I LOVED this concert, it was truly a treat So, he also had as contributors Richie McDonald (previously the lead singer for the country band "Lonestar", Victoria Shaw, and the UNBELIEVABLE David Klinkenberg, CLICK ON EACH LINK AND TURN ON YOUR VOLUME. If you do nothing else on my blog when you visit...please stop in and listen to their music at their websites. I'm now a true fan! Sooooo, during the concert they asked the audience to fill out cards, they were raffling off a Valentine Cruise...and on that same card you can ask a question. Well.....of course I had to ask something...and I directed my question to David goes - "I'm truly enjoying this wonderful concert, but I'm blown away by David Klinkenberg's talent and I'd like to know if he can give my boys' lessons?" - Ok so after intermission the concert continues and they ask for the cards....someone walks across the stage with a huge stack of cards....and they begin to read a FEW of them. Suddenly I hear "A question from Rose of Schererville" - my heart starts pounding and my palms sweat....I squeeze my husband's hand and sigh "oh my...." and they read my question. David responds by saying that he lives in Oregon, so it would be quite a hike....and he gives us a sample of his mystical talent - phew.....what a night!!!!!

Soooo, after the concert our large group of about 200 employees start to walk back to our banquet room, when all of a sudden David Klinkenberg walks passed us - AAAAAA I quickly turn around to follow him, I JUST HAVE TO TELL HIM HOW GREAT HE I catch him...tap him on his shoulder. He turns to look at me, I say excuse me I'm the lady who wants you to teach my sons.....he smiles....I say I THINK YOU ARE JUST WONDERFUL, thanks he says politely.....then I did it.....I asked him if I could HUG him.....yes he says with a smile. I squeezed him and told him how touched I was by his music and that I thought he was just amazing....he thanked me....and then we both walked our separate ways.....My husband was watching me.....just smiling...and well I was on cloud nine for a moment. Please go listen to him and you'll see what I'm talking about.

I've attached a photo of the group - he's the one with the violin (what a cutie pie too!), Brickman is standing with the striped shirt, Richie McDonald is next to Brickman (and you when you hear his voice, you'll know who he is, he has some pretty popular songs out). And I found this link to a video of a beautiful Christmas song that Richie sang to Brickman's piano at the concert. ENJOY!
A video of David Klinkenberg


  1. What a great office Christmas party!! I've got a few Jim Brickman CD's...he's pretty wonderful, but I hadn't heard of the other people before. Thanks for the links!

  2. Hello Rose
    Nice to meet you too!!!Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I couldn't answer before, because there was a blackout in my neighborhood yesterday..
    Do you speak spanish?
    I love all the pictures on your blog...I will come back very soon .
    I really want to read all your posts!!!! Un beso ( kisses)

  3. What a great picture and how exciting that he read your question. Now, I'll go check out his music. Thanks

  4. Hi Rose.
    I forgot to tell you that I love empanadas!!!
    I send you a big kiss from here ( so far away)


  5. Hi Rose, Hey girl, you look really great in that photo and the guys aren't bad either. :) I can tell by your written words how excited you were. What a nice office party. My husband's office party is pretty boring. I have something for you on my blog. Come on over. xoxo Lynn

  6. Lynn,
    thanks, BUT that's NOT me! That's Victoria made me laugh...sorry I guess I should clarify.

  7. Rosa - thanks for putting Jim Brickman's website and the others' websites that performed with him on Friday night. Great performance! I love your holiday music on you blog. Eva