Tuesday, December 4, 2007

50th POST...

Wow....time sure flies when you're having fun, that's for sure! Yep, this is it - my 50th post in blogland...and it hardly seems like any time has passed. I remember thinking to myself that this was going to be kinda tough....would I have enough to write about and share? Ha - that's a laugh now that I think about it. Sheesh....you can't shut me up sometimes! I was certainly blessed with the "gift of gab" - - ask my sisters!

So, I have a busy week...leaving for Tulsa today on business....blah (fraid I got myself into this one with the ole yapper)...and we're expecting snow. GREAT! I'll have to juice it up on the airplane to keep me from going into a panic state - HA! shhhhh can't let my company know that! I've never been to Tulsa before...well maybe drove through there when I was a kid on my yearly road trips to Mexico with my family. Ahhhhh such fond memories of our vacations each and EVERY summer! My dad would load up the car, my my mom would pack up the cooler of lunch meats, mayo, and avocados and wonder bread....and we'd be off. Huh? Yes....my mom would put avocado slices on our sandwiches....our Mexican roots I suppose! Try it it's delicious. And...my siblings and I would set out the seating arrangements in the back seat...usually our brother, the youngest of the bunch got the raw deal...but he didn't know that back then. Poor guy, traveling with 3 sisters - yikes! And yes he still speaks to all of us - ha!
So....I'll try to capture some photos of Tulsa to share (if I have time that is)...and I'll see ya in a couple of days. My boys are soooo sad that I'm leavin, but dad worked round the clock to be able to be home with them for the next few days...so they will have a good time together.
Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday, and I'll see ya later! (got this post ready last night...cause I know I'd be running this mornin)


  1. I hope you have a safe trip and can't wait for pics.

  2. Have as much fun as you can and still keep the job, haha. Looking forward to your return to blogland.


  3. Hello Rose
    I wish you a safe trip!!!
    I can't wait to see your photos!!


  4. Avocado goes well on just about anything in my opinion! Darn it, now I want some and I don't have any in the house! Hope you have a good trip to Tulsa :)


  5. Thanks for visiting me today! I hope you have a safe trip!

  6. Hello Rose
    Are you still traveling???
    Have a wonderful day!