Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Gift of Light...

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to my dear friend and "mentor" - John-Michael, who I consider one of the most brilliant individiuals I've ever known. He helped me to work through something, and I am most appreciative! If you have not had the pleasure, I invite you to visit his blog. You won't be disappointed - I assure you!

One of my most favorite aunts has arrived to visit mom, and spend time with all of us. She is my mom's dear sister, who traveled from Southern California. She'll be staying with mom for about a month, and we are so happy she's here. Of course a selfish part of me if partly happy, because she also happens to be one of the most talented women I know. She can sew up a pair of drapery panels like the finest, and has a keen design sense, both fashion and interior. Aren't we lucky to have her?!

Of course sis and I have plans...but we'll let her rest for a few weeks - ha! She gave each of us a adorable tea cup. Sis got a brown toile, and I got the red. I can't reveal what else she has for our third sister, and they could be reading here. ;) I had the day off yesterday, so I picked her and mom up and took them out for a day of shopping and dinner. We had so much fun, but my feet were quite sore... While shopping at one of my favorite stores "Tuesday Morning" I found a great lamp for my family room. I took some pictures to share with you.


  1. Hello Rose
    I love the lamp!!!
    I have an award for you on my blog..

  2. Hi Rose -
    Enjoy your family time together. Love your new lamp and that teacup is darling!

  3. Thinking of you and hope having your aunt nearby will be a big help.

    Your lamp is perfect for that room - love the teacup, one can never have too many!!

  4. Hi Rose sweetie! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I have missed you too and glad you are back to regular bogging! How fun to have your dear Aunt visiting, I love my Aunts too and always enjoy spending time with them. I love the gorgeous little tea cup light, so pretty! The new lamp you bought for your home is very lovely, classic and elegant. Wishing you a lovely day dear friend!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  5. I am so glad that Life has loved me enough to prepare me for service to, and care for, your special moment of need, My Darling Rose. To be able to extend some of the lessons that I have been fortunate enough to glean, from the years invested in Matthew's (my son who has conquered many of cerebral palsy's challenges) pilgrimage, gives the pain and misery of some of the darkest moments of frustration and discouragement, a new value and worth that thrills me. I am humbly grateful for your embracing and inclusion of me into the circle of your lovely family. I do love you so!

    Fondly ...

  6. The lamp is just a beauty! As are tea cups, especially when they come from a beloved relative!

    Enjoy this visit!!