Sunday, July 5, 2009

Amazing Video - Declan Galbraith

A friend of mine forwarded this video to me. WOW - you have got to watch this!

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  1. Oh my Precious, Precious, Beautiful Friend ... how I do love Your magnificent Heart!!

    I hear Elie Wiesel as he responded to a question from Charlie Rose. Rose asked if he was discouraged by Mankind's refusal to learn the lessons available in the WWII Holocaust. Wiesel replied (after acknowledging the many examples of expressed and demonstrated ethnic hatred, bigotry, and mean-spirited behaviors, by so many, all over the world, since WWII)...

    "but in spite of it all, my favorite words are ... 'AND YET ...'"

    With this Song's message echoing in my Soul, Darling Rose, I smile and say "and yet ..."

    And yet, You and I can encourage each other with our Friendship. And yet, there so many Others who express loving and caring concern for their world ... and lift us all by their examples. And yet, Love continues to minister and motivate so many countless acts and hearts ... that we can continue to be filled with Hope.

    thank You, Dearest One, for Being ... You! I love You ...