Monday, February 16, 2009

A Generous Gift of China...

Mom came over and we spent Saturday morning cleaning out the china cabinet. My dear aunt from California, you know the one....the one who made the beautiful drapery for our guest room. Well, while she was visiting she noticed that I did not have any cups and saucers in my china cabinet. I told her that I did not own a full set of china. Well...that was all it took. She immediately told me that she had a full set for service of 12 that she wanted me to have. She thought it would match well with the brass touches on my cabinet. So, I received the china by UPS late last week. When I unwrapped it, I thought it was SO beautiful, and I could not wait to get it all set up. Thank you sweet aunt Rachel, you are so generous. You know I will take such good care of this set. You helped make my dining room look beautiful!


  1. Very pretty. I don't have any china either. Wish I did. mishelle

  2. Your Aunt is wonderful...actually a much better Aunt than I am a Mom.
    My daughter wrote from Georgia and asked for mine..Nortake China set of 12 that her father sent me when he was in Viet Nam and was on R&R.
    I just cannot let go of it..but I did part with my set of sterling silver..but it hurt. :) She told me that I never use it..and she is right..but..maybe later? :)
    Nice Aunt. :) You are so fortunate. the china is gorgeous!!

  3. What a lovely gift and I know it will be treasured, such a generous Aunt.
    I do have a half set. Its a tea set with tiny pink roses on called June Bouquet. I bought it from an antique shop. It had the milk and sugar basin but no tea pot. Some time later I went to a charity auction preview and found the tea pot, I could not attend the sale but left a bid and was lucky enough to get it, so the set now sits on the shelves in our sitting room. I do use it occasinally, one of the cups got broken, when it got knocked off the dresser but I stuck it back together, one day I just might find the odd cup.

  4. What a great Aunt! The china looks beautiful displayed in your china cabinet.

  5. Hey, that was supposed to be for our house!! ha ha ha, just kidding!! Love, your Brother..

  6. Linda/ "Mom..."March 5, 2009 at 7:19 AM

    * Your Auntie is not only SWEET n' GENEROUS, but she has mahhhhvelous taste! (You don't SEE china like that often enough~~~ it's just beauuutiful!!!... You LUCKY girl, you!)~~~ Enjoy (!), and remember, when you next see something that says "Auntie", to purchase n' send it~~~ she'll be so unexpectedly surprised and thrilled, I know! Warmly, Linda (An Auntie myself!)

  7. Hi sweetie! The china your aunt sent is just so beautiful, what a lovely lady she must be! Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)