Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kitchen Remodel....

I'm in Columbus, Indiana updating my blog today. Visiting my FAVORITE (and only) brother and his beautiful family. And green with envy that my SIL's kitchen is SO beautiful, I want a new kitchen too now - ha! No...all kidding aside, except for the envy part...they have been busy remodeling their kitchen for the past couple of months. All of the inconvenience has certainly been worth the wait let me tell ya! Caroline (my SIL) was nice enough to let me share their kitchen remodel with all of you. A few pictures below to show you the beautiful room they have created. We've been in here actually since we arrived early this afternoon. We've had a feeding frenzy - blah, I've got to get up and do some exercise tomorrow if I want to fit in my jeans. I'll leave you now to check out the before and after pics of the kitchen. I'm sure you'll agree that they've done a terrific job. Tomorrow we'll head out early to look for fabric for the window coverings, I can hardly wait!

Here is a picture of the kitchen "BEFORE" the remodel
and that's my SIL who wasn't so happy about her photo :)

Drum Roll Please...

Ta Da...

Oh, that's mom sitting at the peninsula, she's looking good...

Notice the different shade of granite on the island

My SIL standing in her beautiful room!
My SIL found this little lamp downstairs,
and we just had to bring it up to put on the kitchen counter...
too cute!


  1. Beautiful kitchen!!!

    Rose... would you please come over .There is an award for you on my blog( bloming blog award)


  2. Hi Rose,
    Haven't visited in a while but glad to see you are enjoying your time with your family. The kitchen makeover is really amazing. Have fun picking out fabric.

  3. Hi Rose, This is fabulous! I love their new kitchen!!!! Thanks for showing us! Nancy

  4. Simply marvelous! My hat is off to them for this incredible transformation!